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Launcher tries to update latest version but stays idle at 38% and never starts

As shown in the picture, is there any solution to this bug?

I have the same bug

Sorry about this! Could you please upload your launcher log files, and provide what country or general region you are in?

Sure, I am in Greece, south-eastern Europe.

My launcher log file
launcher-log.txt (23.5 KB)

My output log file
This file was a bit large so i uploaded it in my Dropbox

Waiting your reply!

Thanks! For further information, let me know if you can see this page (it should say id: 16) and the results you achieve here.

Yes, I can see the page that says id:16.

My results

Thanks. We’ve looked into this and the issue should be resolved, so let us know how it goes!

Problem solved for me

Problem solved, thanks a lot.

May i ask what was the reason that caused it?

Finally got around to being able to do the download. Thanks for the fix guys:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love all the hard work you guys put into the game and I have only run into this bug and one other. Keep up the great work.

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