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Launcher taking focus over other applications

The following is a copy and paste the message I sent to Sarno. The guy gave me a 3 paragraph reply as to why I shouldn’t ask him if he had received my message about the bug so I’ll report it here then be on my way.

Hey Sarno. PoE player here (redacted)… often see you on the forums, may have seen me too. So naturally picked up Epoch too.

Not much of a public speaker tbh so I’ll report this to you and I’m sure you’ll pass it on to the appropriate people.

Bit of a weird one really that I noticed the yesterday whilst updating LE. It seems when you have the launcher open it has some sort of weirdness with taking focus of the mouse on a multi monitor setup. I noticed it because as mentioned as I was updating LE client yesterday, I also tried to play the division 2 at the same time.

When I was playing the division 2 with the LE launcher open, if I moved my mouse out of the games window bounds it completely stopped camera rotation in the division 2 and the cursor appeared on my second monitor. Whereas if I don’t have your launcher open… the expected full rotation of camera in the division 2 works and the cursor doesn’t appear on the second monitor.

I’ve tried it a couple of times now and it happens everytime. Give it a try yourself if you have Div2. Open Last Epoch launcher, load up div 2, get into game and try and spin you camera in both directions. It stops on my left, which is where my second monitor is located, maybe different if it’s on your right.

That’ll be all from me with regards to reporting bugs. Posting cat memes to take the piss out of a genuine bug report is apparently more acceptable.

This feels just a little unfair.

I explained that we’re not always able to respond to DMs as quickly as we would like, as you publicly pinged me asking if I had received the message not that long after sending it.

A member of the community mentioned cat memes, so I posted a picture of a cat.

I am genuinely uncertain how you could interpret that as “taking the piss out of a genuine bug report.” I am confident nobody in this exchange intended any malice;


First you asked if I had received your DM half an hour after sending it, then when I spent time and effort responding to you, you criticized the length of my response - then you criticized me for some light-hearted banter with another community member.

Not sure how I can win, to be honest…

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