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Launcher stuck at 90.1%

I have attempted every fix that has been suggested on the forums here and I am having absolutely no luck, The launcher just gets to 90.1% and never proceeds. Any help would be appreciated.

OS: Windows 7

Windows Defender: Exception Added

Anti-Virus: Off & Exceptioned

Running as Admin: Yes

Troubleshooting: Re-installing, restarting and even cleaning out registry.


Very sorry for the inconvenience, but could you try re-installing again?

I’ve reinstalled the launcher about 6 times now. I’m not sure that is going to fix anything, but yes I will try again.

EDIT: Re-installing has fixed nothing unfortunately. The same problem still persists.

I also have the same problem and I tried 3 times already!

Hey guys, very sorry about this. We are working on fixing this. I actually pushed out a new version of the launcher yesterday in hopes that it would fix this problem. Could you email your launcher logs here or send them to me in the discord? They really help us figure out this issue.


I completely disabled windows defender firewalls, all of them and it worked. I was having same issue until then. Maybe give it a try?

Thanks for the post, pmpadgett! Glad to hear you managed to resolved it.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever need a hand. :slight_smile:

Having this issue. Have disabled firewall and everything; even added extra exceptions. No luck

Sorry to hear that!

Please contact us directly here.

I have tried everything and still not making any progress. Is their perhaps some kind of mirror link or something with a fully patched download available or something? Been dying to try all the new changes in alpha.

This please.

I’d rather just download the fully patched version to play. I honestly feel let down for paying $50 and I can’t imagine some that paid $1000…

As per my previous post, please contact us here if you’re affected by this.