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Launcher not working+please wait screen on start

output_log.txt (399 Bytes)
Launcer doesn’t work and give me an error so i can’t patch,plus if i try to run the game i’m stuck in the load screen with “please wait” message.

What does this error message say?


According to your screenshot you’re trying to run a file in the Patcher folder.

Can you please run the Launcher located in the main Last Epoch folder?

Don’t know if i’m doing right,but if that is the folder you mean,there’s no launcher.

Not that one. :slight_smile:

Please look at your first screenshot. The folder is called Patcher. If you look at the top of the File Explorer window, you’ll see that the Patcher folder is in a folder called Last Epoch. Could you please go to that folder and look for a file called launcher.exe? Try running that one.


It looks like the launcher.exe file has been moved from the Last Epoch folder to the Patcher folder. Could you try moving it back and see if that allows it to run correctly?

Seems it not work anyway.Maybe i have to uninstall and download again?

I tried to download again the launcher,and now is patchin.By the way,why i can’t see LE as a program installed on my control panel?

Glad to hear it!

This entry is usually added by an installer.

Once ours is ready I’m sure it’ll include this functionality.

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