Launch Trailer: Echoes from the Void

Hello Travelers!

Today, we are thrilled to showcase the Last Epoch 1.0 Launch Trailer: Echoes from the Void, and the opening of our updated Pre-Order Editions.

Our Launch Trailer, Echoes from the Void, is the mysterious response to Eterra’s CGI Trailer.

Along with the 1.0 Trailer Launch, we are proud to showcase our Deluxe and Ultimate editions, available for purchase now!

Starting today and up to 1.0 Launch on February 21st, anyone who purchases, or has purchased, any edition of Last Epoch will get the exclusive “Golden Guppy” Baby Chronowyrm cosmetic pet. You read that right; if you already own Last Epoch, you will soon see the Baby Chronowyrm in your cosmetics inventory!

If you already own Last Epoch and would like to score one of these editions without purchasing the game again, you can do so right here.

Last Epoch - Deluxe Upgrade: Last Epoch - Deluxe UPGRADE on Steam
Last Epoch - Ultimate Upgrade: Last Epoch - Ultimate UPGRADE on Steam

As for the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, these are absolutely jam-packed with incredible cosmetics and offer phenomenal value.

Last Epoch leaves Early Access and Launches into 1.0 on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024.

Grab an edition, and jump into Last Epoch today!


The Steam pages don’t seem to have a preview of what the armor sets look like, like this page does:

Also adding some video previews for all the MTX would be nice.

I believe if you look at the bundle contents on Steam, you can select each item and view a preview video for it.


Yep, of course I saw that after posting my comment. Leaving this in case someone else misses it.

Nice video, but it would have been better if it’d have the Mike-alist roaring at 1:12…

Are the cosmetics from the upgrades useable in offline mode? I might just be missing something addressing that, but can’t see anything saying they aren’t, so assuming this will be a way to get offline cosmetics?

Absolutely awesome. Will there be more cosmetics for launch other than what these deluxe and ultimate editions contain?

They’re cosmetics, if you can’t use the other ones offline you won’t be able to use these (aka, you know the answer to this).

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hmm, feel like that should be stated somewhere on the store page

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The trailer suggests an upcoming epic fight against ourselves (Orobyss, my theory)…
But I guess we will have to wait a lot for that, with all the missing chapters on launch…

the trailer has made me hope we’re getting some new story with 1.0 ngl, at the very least its made me hyped for new story more than i was lol

I’m pretty sure that @EHG_Mike has said in one of his weekly streams that 1.0 would come with more campaign chapters. And that it still wouldn’t finish the whole story.

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Is that a new endgame boss?

Nope. the other chapters are post-1.0.

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Are you sure? I’m almost certain he said that 1.0 would have a couple extra chapters and the rest of them would come later. I could be wrong though, I know that was a few months ago, so I might not be remembering correctly.

He is quite sure. 1.0 will not add a new chapter to the campaign.


My bad then. I’m either misremembering or I misunderstood it at the time. Either way, thank you for the clarification.

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Looks excellent.

cant wait guys

100k views in 7 hours! It’s been interesting watching the hype grow through the years. I imagine the adrenaline is really pumping at EHG.