Latest Patch negated my mini map to only icon but no layout overlay

*After updating the Last Epoch on the Steam client evening of Feb. 29, 2024, my “mini map” has become a blank black screen with only small icons showing. Unable to see on the mini-map or the full-screen map which direction I want to follow.

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I have the same problem since patch 1.0.1

Hi, I also have the same problem. Game is unplayable for me because of this issue. I feel blinded.

I have the same problem since the patch.

Hi folks,
An update since my original post. My issue with the overlay disappearing on my maps has been resolved. I did not make any corrections to my settings in this regard but I did send in a request for this technical issue and lo and behold approx. 24 hours later my maps were back up. No idea whether the solution was thru Steam or Eleventh Hour Games but I’m now a happy camper again.

And my problem still hasn’t been fix yet. I’m super dissapointed, because of that issue game feels unplayable for me.

Believe me I know how you feel. Without the maps the game is unplayable. Try using the Steam forum area to submit a request to look into your issue or submit a bug report to Eleventh Hour Games via the game itself. I wish I could help you more but as I mentioned I’m at a loss as to how and why my maps came back to working properly.

Yeah, I did report it. Let’s see if it will fix this issue. Anyway, I’m happy for you, that at least you can enjoy this game m8.

Hi, I have a similar issue but only for certain maps. I think it’s mostly Arena maps in the Monolith where you clear X waves. I can see all the Shrines but the minimap is completely black.

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