Last Epoch x Logitech G Giveaway Coming Soon!

How could Eternal Legends get even better? This holiday season Last Epoch x Logitech G are bringing you the ultimate PC giveaway!

Stay vigilant, Travelers… more details are on the way!


I do love these colors!

I’ll take the mouse pad.

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Wow! Poggies!

Is it what it looks like?
A Gigantic Last Epoch Mat. Last Epoch Mouse and a Last Epoch Keyboard? And is that an official Last Epoch Headset as well?

So, where can I buy some of this stuff?

Daaaaamn hot!
(that playmat is bigger than my table!)

So, ok. Coming Soon it still says. When exactly is this? Or have I managed to miss out?

We decided to host this after the holidays. New dates will be announced soon! :slight_smile:

Is this still something that may happen or is this just something that just quite simply was thought of, but just went out the window and was forgotten about?


Must admit, when I saw this post just now, my first thought was “Is there a holiday I’m forgetting about?”.

TBF, @_Michelle never said which year’s holidays they would do it after & MP has been coming “soon” for years (much like commercially viable fusion power has been only a few years away for the past 5 odd decades)…


Its propably the same year as the Tornado Skill Rework with the community… cough

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Is that before or after Heavy creates his first non-Harvest character?


Lol… remember all the hype around Cold Fusion going to solve all the worlds ills…

Yup, that went chilly pretty fast.

I hope it is before

Well, I would like an update on this and actually when.
I wish to participate. At least I would like to have a chance.

That mousepad :open_mouth:

Last Epoch: where everyday is a Holiday!

Can some1 please update us to whatever happened with this?