Last Epoch Wallpapers

Recently, a member of the community expressed an interest in using a Last Epoch-themed wallpaper on our community Discord. While we haven’t created dedicated art for this purpose just yet, we’ve gathered some of our most suitable art and compiled it below.

Where possible, the images below are 2,560 x 1,440. The remaining images are 1,920 x 1,080.

Logo & Classes
Primalist, Raptor, and Wolf
Welryn - Imperial Era
The Council Chambers
Welryn - Ruined Era
Primalist Introduction
The End of Time
Mage Introduction

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I will add mine as well:


<3 wallpaper

They are magnificent :3 Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Very cool, thank you!

Welryn, ruined era is my new background picture.
Amazing art, hopefully we’ll see more of these later on :slight_smile:

Welryn ruined era is my new background picture too and it looks so good :ok_hand:

They look stunning. One suggestion would be to add a separate section for Wallpapers\Artwork on the LE Website. It’d be make them more accessible and also would make it easier for you guys to share them with us.

These look awesome! I would love more in future, especially ones like the Primalist with his summons. It would be great to have more class specific ones!

Hi, one for me - logo + black background - 2560x1080 -

Very nice art, Heorot and Primalist are awesome !

Really like the wallpapers.

Just one thing: if you download them on a windows computer and you get an error message when trying to open them, you have to change the file extension from .jpg to .png. At least I had to do it with the end of time wallpaper on Windows 10 using Opera browser.

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