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Last Epoch Checklist

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General info

Basically it’s just a better way to track stuff in the game, be it character passive points, timeline progression or unique items.

Main features

  • Currently the checklist includes 3 sections: important quests, timelines and unique+set items.
  • Important quests section covers quests that are “important”, basically the ones that give something more prominent than gold and experience - passive points, idol slot unlocks and unique items. All quests are grouped by chapter. Each quest card displays quest starting location for ease of use.
  • Timelines section covers Monolith Of Fate timelines, both normal and empowered versions. Completion state is tracked as quest completion associated with the particular timeline.
  • Uniques and set items section allows to track all unique and set items that are present in the game. These are split by the way you can obtain them - quest specific items, boss specific, ones obtained via fracturing during crafting and of course random drops. Each item card displays more elaborate information relevant information on how to obtain the item, e.g. quest name or which timeline to target farm.

The tool supports multiple profiles, they are stored in local storage of your browser, you can edit their names, add new ones and delete existing ones. When you visit the tool, it will always load your last used profile. You can change the profile at the bottom left corner of the page.
Please note that unique items are not stored in specific profiles, but rather in a global one.

The tool allows you to upload your character without having to manually check everything by yourself. To do that, just click on the upload icon in the menu bar — a dialog will show up that explains where to find your save files and how to upload all character progress. Timeline and quest data can be loaded this way. However unique items are not loaded from save files and currently can be tracked only manually.
Please note that when you upload character data, by default it will be applied to the profile of the character whose save file you are uploading. If no profile exists for that character, it will be created automatically.

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions and bug reports.


So awesome! I already liked that feature in Grim Dawn. The unique Checklist is new though right? Also the character upload feature makes it so much better. Thx for all the great work!

Yeah, unique section is new. It wasn’t really feasible to add it to GT checklist cause there are several thousand legendary items in there.

That’s awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

Small bug: the two quests from Erza at the beginning are swapped and show inverse rewards.

Thanks for the report, it’s fixed. For now quest-item refs are hardcoded, but eventually this will be automated as well so such issues won’t appear.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

This is really cool!

Great tool ! Thanks a lot

whaoo that’s super great stuff!

really 11th should hire DAMMIT in dev team and Boardman21 in QA one :slight_smile:

Sweet!!! :grinning:

Doesn’t work for me.

Can you elaborate?

looks like this, non of buttons do anything

Did you try clearing the cache? Maybe some script didn’t finish loading and was cached that way?

It worked, thx

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