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Hello guys!
I started playing this game after 5 years of Path Of Exile , and I started to stream it on Twitch too.
I would like to know all other LE Streamers , and maybe help each other.
My channel is darkheavenitalia , we are Italians and I stream the game on Monday and Thursday from 9:30 PM to midnight.
See you!

i stream a lot, but I have little to no use for chat mostly, d3viant6 on twitch if interested in being bored and watch me suck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I started streaming LE back in December.
So i am still quite new and try to get all my stuff together.

Heavy_GamingTV - Twitch

I do stream on Wednesday and Saturday 8pm GMT+2
My streaming language is english.

But i am from germany.

I sometimes do some non LE stream spontaneous on other days.
But that’s pretty rare, but i might expand that if there is enough demand.

If I can, I’ll be glad to watch you!

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Want to reach all of you guys!!
We need to make a strong community to let the game grow!

Greetings from Brazil! I recently started streaming L.E. on Twitch ( Always Mondays and Wednesdays 21: 00hrs (gmt -3). I would be grateful for your follow and visit! Hugs and take care!

Hello, sure I’ll follow!
Hugs and stay safe!!
See you

Back online at 21:30 (or 9:30 PM) GMT +1 (Rome).
See you guys!!

Hi, i allso stream last epoch. I am streaming in Polish but if anyone would like i can speak in english. I do a lot of talking so i would gladly talk to you all.
Have a great time and leave a follow.

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Well…I streamed Path of Exile not so long ago. But I stopped streaming after I realised how many spoilers and backseating involved. I put tons of notices not to spoil but they don’t give a damn it. I think that that streaming is the fastest way to spoil your experience with the game IMHO.

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I don’t agree with you, but everybody has it’s own experience. Sad that you stopped streaming…

What time zone do you broadcast in? I will probably be uncomfortable to watch them from the USA.

I stream at 9:30 PM (GMT +1, Rome).
But right now I stopped playing Last Epoch since I don’t have that feeling that I find on Path Of Exile.
But if you want to take a look (I speak Italian) you are welcome!!

I just created a Twitch account and started to stream LE, so I’m brand new to streaming.
I don’t have a camera on my PC, and I don’t really use my headset/mic a lot, so no need to hear me drone on innanely. :slight_smile: I only have 1 monitor, so I can’t even read chat while playing. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a schedule really. Sorta spontaneous atm.

Welcome aboard.
Fair play to anyone who streams. Personally I would humiliate myself as I tend to drift off a lot during gameplay. Also, I couldn’t ever play with a mike on as I don’t think there’s a streaming service adult enough to cope with my frequent tirades of “naval language”…

I should point out that my tirades are more often from having the TV on to one side, and yelling at it, rather than the game…

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Does anyone know if having a “bot” in your Twitch channel as a viewer matters? I think there is one on my (brand new) channel already.

No, bots are in every channel.
The problem is when you have 10 viewers (example) and in 1 sec you are at 75.
Or when you get 500 new followers in 1 second.

I’ll be back today, 9:40 PM (Rome) with Last Epoch.
I’m italian, but I can try to chat with you in english.
Hope to see you guys!

Aloha together,
i am a streamer and content creator from germany . I played PoE from the beginning and quit for LE. I play most of the time HC or Masochist.

I would love to be in contact with other streamers/ content creators.
If someone is interested to cooperate just contact me on twitch gammelmormorgaming or on my e-mail

I stream nearly everyday.


Oi - Nightly LE streamer here. It’s mostly LE or Modded Minecraft — Twitch … Tks

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