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Hello guys!
I started playing this game after 5 years of Path Of Exile , and I started to stream it on Twitch too.
I would like to know all other LE Streamers , and maybe help each other.
My channel is darkheavenitalia , we are Italians and I stream the game on Monday and Thursday from 9:30 PM to midnight.
See you!

i stream a lot, but I have little to no use for chat mostly, d3viant6 on twitch if interested in being bored and watch me suck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I started streaming LE back in December.
So i am still quite new and try to get all my stuff together.

Heavy_GamingTV - Twitch

I do stream on Wednesday and Saturday 8pm GMT+2
My streaming language is english.

But i am from germany.

I sometimes do some non LE stream spontaneous on other days.
But that’s pretty rare, but i might expand that if there is enough demand.

If I can, I’ll be glad to watch you!

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Want to reach all of you guys!!
We need to make a strong community to let the game grow!