Last Epoch Patch 1.1 - Is Live!

I have worked in SW and cloud for decades. It is not unreasonable to ask for an ETA.

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downloaded patch and online not available… Love it!

I got in.

Jost got on. Keep trying I guess.

Live and online here after a few tries

I’m in boys!

Ok @EHG_Steve, here’s where I have a slight problem. I’ve posted before about this but why should we be required to have a Discord account and check there or anywhere else for update on the game when there is an official LE Forum (which we’re on)?

Shouldn’t all updates and notices come out on the “official” LE Forum as soon as they are posted anywhere else?


Yes this all should be on official forums.

EHG really has no idea what they’re doing. They are very naive.

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I think on most things they do fine, but on communications they relay on Discord and other sites rather than using their own oficial forum.

I’m in guys

More responsive channel, so why not? Calling it naive, though… You can do better, Sir. Let’s go! :cowboy_hat_face: :dancer:

Не могу скачать обновление.
Скачивается 100 mb после чего происходит остановка и выполняется проверка всех файлов 21 gb, потом снова скачивается 100 mb и снова проверка 21 gb… не понимаю что происходит.
Попробую удалить игру и поставить заного *(

Похоже что это помогает… сейчас загрузилось 30% Т_Т

Sweet thanks, just got off work an now I can hop on the game!

First post on the forums, but I had to say this. I’m very impressed with the new patch so far. Only played for a couple of hours, and I only play Legacy characters, but the gameplay overall feels much improved. Zones seem to load faster. My FPS rarely dips below my capped rate of 120 (Geforce 4070 Ti). The change to ward is a great balance change. I’m playing a Healing Hands Pally and loving it so far. Way to go, EHG!