Last Epoch Patch 1.0.6 Patch Notes



  • Added Camera Smoothing options to settings: Normal (default/current), Low, and Off
  • Added functionality to Character Delete screen
    • The screen will now display the character class/mastery/level
    • When deleting a character, you are now required to enter the character name to confirm the deletion


  • The “B” button on controller can now be used to close keybind prompts
  • After binding a controller button, the cursor now re-focuses on the corresponding binding


  • Reduced gold turn-in reward for Desert Treasure from 20k to 2k
  • Added Buff Icon for Bone Armor (Acolyte)
  • Improved performance when picking up Shards

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the Mage would T-pose during some animations
  • Fixed several cases of back-slot clipping and floating capes
  • Fixed a bug where the Sentinel idle animation with a 2H weapon would behave as if a shield was equipped


  • Fixed a bug where if a panel was opened with keyboard and mouse, further button presses via controller would activate the assigned skills through the panel
  • Fixed a bug where when opening the bindings menu, or interacting with it, with a mouse, would result in the bindings disappearing
  • Fixed a number of bugs with rebinding controller configuration
  • Fixed a bug where players would continue to run in the direction of their last input if the game became unfocused while moving


  • Fixed a bug where player health bars were not appearing in offline
  • Fixed a bug where Forged Weapons’ health bars could be displayed at top-of-screen instead of the boss’ health bar
  • Fixed missing Localization in the Gifting panel for resonances
  • Fixed a bug where Item Tooltips would get stuck when adding a new tab to the stash
  • Chat channels are now specific to cycle/non-cycle
  • Fixed a bug where Husk enemies would not have health bars


  • Fixed a bug in offline where players would not have full health, mana, and potions after logging in or reviving
  • Fixed a bug where invalid offhand items could be equipped from the forge (eg. catalyst with a bow)
  • Fixed an issue where monolith quest progress would reset if you left the zone/server after starting, but before completing the quest chain.


  • Fixed a bug where Bone Curse “Signet of Agony” node’s resulting aura would persist after de-speccing out of the skill
  • Fixed a bug where Erasing Strike’s “Ravenous Void” node’s void beams wouldn’t move in online play
  • Fixed a bug where Volcanic Orb could be cast in incorrect directions, such as flying up when the cursor was over top of a ridge line
  • Fixed a bug where if you teleported back to the monolith hub or rest area while a companion was downed, the revive UI would continue to persist even after being revived.
  • Fixed a bug where Manifest Armor was not benefiting from Increased Area for Area Skills stats on items the player is wearing that are applied to Manifest Armor, such as on gloves
  • Fixed a bug where the Gathering Fury unique bow’s chance to repeat bow abilities was applying to non-bow abilities, and could kill the player if it repeated a Falcon ability
  • Fixed a bug where Boardman’s Plan’s chance to summon a Storm Totem on hit with Tempest Strike was not working
  • Fixed a bug where triggered instances of Tempest Strike were not benefiting from the Tempest Strike skill tree
  • Fixed a bug where Bone Curse’s Marrow Thief node would not grant 10% less damage taken
  • Fixed a bug where Death Seal’s Skeletal Sheath always granted Bone Armor for a fixed duration, ignoring the duration Death Seal was active
  • Fixed a bug where Firebrand’s Galvanize node would disable Brand of Arcanus
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Rush could cause the player to become invisible

The fix for Death’s Embrace mentioned on Friday wasn’t quite able to make the cut-off time for this patch, and is expected to be included with next week’s patch.


Thank you for the patch!


still no fixes to end-game? e.g. Arena key of Memory having no memory restarting player far away from last finished wave,it shall re start from at least last finished wave -50. Leaderboards in the game only 50 entries, shallbe at least 10000 entries. monoliths shall be all same corruption not needing to
upgrade each monolith separately.

EDIT: I stopped playing the game because of above descrobed issues. I was not thinking to need to return to Diablo 4 so fast…


3gb for this? - erm ok :smiley: i have plenty of space :stuck_out_tongue:
Joking aside… I’m sad not to see more bugs corrected…but I have patience

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Im still not able to see my friend online… I thought you already include this bug in this patch…

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So, what with chat? Why it is not working?


Still waiting for adding “Shred armor on hit” filter to bazaar. It’s not bad affix to not include it =(


I just open offline tab and online tab refreshed after it. Maybe will work for you.

Game is ruined gg


What does ‘camera smoothing’ mean, in this context? I’m not really seeing any difference with it off or on.


Guys end this cycle please.


I love this but… :grimacing: still no fix for rogue multishot proc when using flurry. Every time I load in it like my character got nerfed into oblivion and after about an hour or two playing it suddenly works correctly.


Wow Void Beams finally fixed?! (haven’t had a chance to test it yet)

Everything looks much cleaner and clearer post-3 gig patch. Chat isn’t working at all thou atm.

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Very nice guys! At this pace game will be in a very good place next cycle! Keep the good work!

I assume this means the negative mana bug? I don’t know though, because this is, im assuming, referring to a dev livestream? Love to see the arg’s continue for patch stuff though. Keep it up.

is it just me or not, everytime i disconnected from game. either afk or random dc my skill resetted.
for example, my a skill has max capped, but when disconnected it always need to put in skill points back again.( if my skill at 29, i have to put 8 skill points again.)

Chat broken, no friends list, unable to invite people.


wait for update :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no delay here! TYVM!