Last Epoch on the SteamDeck has a few issues that need to be fixed, but it's still surprisingly good

My SteamDeck settings:

  • (I like a smooth 60 FPS, but even the minimum settings look surprisingly good on the SteamDeck since patch 0.9):

  • Very low for everything

  • 1152x768

  • CryoUtilities recommended system settings

  • Out of the box install* (has texture issues; Ge-Proton7-50 fixes them)

  • Stable SteamDeck branch

  • Pic:

Feedback (even though GE-Proton-7-50 fixes most of the graphical issues):

  • Characters/textures are missing from the character selection screen

  • Mini map is broken

  • Map textures/graphics are missing (waypoints show up, but not the map itself)

  • Difficult to see what item/spot you have selected in your inventory

  • It’d be nice if there was a “snap to furthest edge” (e.g. in inventory, or from the inventory to the crafting screen) selector like with PoE’s controller implementation (right stick)

  • Can’t use controller, dpad, or bumpers to control the menu screens (e.g. passives, settings, etc) - it’s mouse only

  • Sometimes the aim assist/targeting (on mage?) seems slightly off and targets something in the distance instead of the enemy next to me


  • Mad fun. Last Epoch on SteamDeck is an amazing way to relax, and it plays very well

  • 0.9 made Last Epoch much smoother & better looking at the same time - especially on SteamDeck


  • Last Epoch on the SteamDeck has a ton of potential, & is quite fun despite some of the polish items that will get resolved over time
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Having the same issues, fixing them would be really great then else it’s really great game and makes a ton of fun on Deck

For what its worth, I believe they intend to have full controller support by 1.o, which will hopefully help Steam deck users.

Unfortunately, Steam Deck is not an officially supported platform, but EHG has said a couple time they will be look at other platforms post 1.0. Hopefully, given existing Linux support, Steam Deck will be toward top of that list.

i’ve tried it on steamdeck,too. And it always restart my device when I enter a new area, have u guys have the same issue?

well, I just ordered a steam deck so i’ll report back my experience with le once it arrives, in a couple weeks.

I’m planning on PC with a gamepad and I’m sure the following problems are common for steam deck:
it’s not possible to aim enemies close to character with range skills (especially when enemy is behind you);
it’s not possible to target minions with skill that may target both enemies and minions (please add advanced aim settings to change priority between you, allies and enemies for skillslots 1, 2 … 5), so forget about some necro and primalist builds;
it’s not possible to turn off aiming on barrels and other destructible objects;
some skills are not working as expected with gamepad: arcane ascendence - you cannot rotate with stick, eterra’s blessing - node for autotarget allies targets you instead, summoning healing totems by 3 is not possible when you are aiming some static enemies (bones summoning skeletons, abomination boss corner objects etc).
Some problems may be fixed in this way: rotating instead of moving is used when the stick is moved up to 50% of its radius, from 50% till 100% - character moving is used.
But playing melee builds it’s still a lot of fun!

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