Last Epoch on the SteamDeck has a few issues that need to be fixed, but it's still surprisingly good

My SteamDeck settings:

  • (I like a smooth 60 FPS, but even the minimum settings look surprisingly good on the SteamDeck since patch 0.9):

  • Very low for everything

  • 1152x768

  • CryoUtilities recommended system settings

  • Out of the box install* (has texture issues; Ge-Proton7-50 fixes them)

  • Stable SteamDeck branch

  • Pic:

Feedback (even though GE-Proton-7-50 fixes most of the graphical issues):

  • Characters/textures are missing from the character selection screen

  • Mini map is broken

  • Map textures/graphics are missing (waypoints show up, but not the map itself)

  • Difficult to see what item/spot you have selected in your inventory

  • It’d be nice if there was a “snap to furthest edge” (e.g. in inventory, or from the inventory to the crafting screen) selector like with PoE’s controller implementation (right stick)

  • Can’t use controller, dpad, or bumpers to control the menu screens (e.g. passives, settings, etc) - it’s mouse only

  • Sometimes the aim assist/targeting (on mage?) seems slightly off and targets something in the distance instead of the enemy next to me


  • Mad fun. Last Epoch on SteamDeck is an amazing way to relax, and it plays very well

  • 0.9 made Last Epoch much smoother & better looking at the same time - especially on SteamDeck


  • Last Epoch on the SteamDeck has a ton of potential, & is quite fun despite some of the polish items that will get resolved over time
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Having the same issues, fixing them would be really great then else it’s really great game and makes a ton of fun on Deck

For what its worth, I believe they intend to have full controller support by 1.o, which will hopefully help Steam deck users.

Unfortunately, Steam Deck is not an officially supported platform, but EHG has said a couple time they will be look at other platforms post 1.0. Hopefully, given existing Linux support, Steam Deck will be toward top of that list.