Last Epoch Official Teaser Trailer | Harbingers of Ruin

The Harbingers of Ruin update comes to Last Epoch on July 9th.

Join us as the fight for Eterra continues with the launch of Cycle 1.1 - Harbingers of Ruin.


Can’t wait! Looks amazing!

Thank you. Was not expecting this today. :slight_smile:

July 9… 6 weeks away. 4 months between cycles… so 3 a year?

PoE’s latest 6 leagues have been ± 4 months apart, so they kinda have to, so launches don’t overlap. That’s fine if you ask me, more time to develop = less rushed content.

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Just marked it on my calendar, looking forward to jumping back in for some new content!

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VK’s getting ready for the Harbingers:


Yes but I want good content faster! I also want a pony…

I have several ponies. They are quite easy to get.

Two months to stack up overtime and then quit my job. Thanks for the heads up EHG!

Looks amazing. Perfect timing for my vacation.

Sounds like we pissed off the Forgotten Knight. :wink:

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this boss looks amazing !!! thanks for this good game

Выглядит классно

This is so exciting!! Can’t wait for a proper Cycle!
Curious to see if we are going to have something like PoE league mechanic each area.
And are we going to get a list of skill changes? I’d love to be able to plan out new builds if possible

I’m happy we’re getting new content, and as I said, I am happy that it doesn’t get rushed. However, I think it’s just taking a bit too late for the 1.1 release, and the game will be losing a great too many players, especially that the 1.1 update doesn’t really bring all that many, changing things.

I really hope am wrong, and LE gets to thrive, but people’s patience is very low. It’s a tough business, and am not blaming you, since you guys made some amazing choices in the past, but maybe the 1.0 release should’ve been set one month later, just to ensure 1.1 manages to come sooner. As it stands right now, people have to wait 2 more months for not that much.

Really hate that such a great game can be easily eclipsed by things outside of it.

Eventually probably yes, there’s not much point in doing seasons otherwise. But it’s not going to be until they’ve finished adding what they consider core content.

Unlikely before the patch notes though they may tease some skill reworks (if there are any) in the weeks before.

Do we know what time of day Cycle 1.1 will begin? Should be taking July 9th off work, or July 9th and 10th (in the event its later in the day on the 9th)? Maybe this isn’t known yet, but just thought I’d check. Super excited for new content!!! :grinning:

You can see countdown on

Awesome thanks.