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Last Epoch Official Hot Sauce!

The Big Announcement

Today is a wonderful day to be a part of this community! We have been sitting on this secret for a very long time. We have done our best to keep quiet until the perfect moment, but we couldn’t help dropping hints over the years. If you missed them, don’t worry. We’ve added the secrets here so you don’t have to go off hunting for them.
Since the beginning, we have been trying to clue you in on this secret but, no one ever commented on their theories when we did. Because of this we worried no one had noticed.

These hints have been around for years, but now it is time to be as blunt as we can be.

Not only were these hints hidden in art work, but the story as well! In every trial and tragedy that made these heroes who they are, it was there.

This coveted secret has found a way to tie itself to each of the traveler classes in game. As each character finds themself in possession of this wonderous artifact, each choosing to use it for their own needs. Whether their intentions are good, or evil is up to you.
But what does all of this mean?

You guessed it...

Last Epoch Hot Sauce is real! It exists. Coming to the Last Epoch Store very soon, you will be able to get your hands on not one, but Four Last Epoch Official Hot Sauce flavors! Each with an exclusive Rahyeh’s Reserve Black Label bottle.

A wise man once said, “You won’t be taken seriously if you don’t use clever names.” And so we have chosen only the best. With four fantastic flavors like, Primalist Origin Story Smokey Chipotle, Swarm Keeper Honey Habanero, Black Sun BBQ Scotch Bonnet, and Shade of Orobyss Ghost Echos, Rahyeh’s Reserve Hot Sauce will transport you through your meals all the way to the End of Time.

But that's not all!

We would be less than our best if we didn’t think of all possibilities. We want to make sure we can give you everything you are looking for.


That’s right! We are releasing Rahyeh’s Reserve into the game as a non-class specific relic. Now, while the final details are still being decided, we can tell you that this relic will offer Fire damage bonuses to all attacks. But that’s not all, it will also offer Fire Resistance and additionally whenever Fire damage is dealt to the player, a portion of that damage will be converted to health returned to you. Just because it hurts, doesn’t mean it has to be bad.

We hope you have enjoyed this surprise. Please let us know in the comments which flavor you are most excited for, and we will see you in Eterra.


Ooooooooo I looooove hot sauce :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

While it is April Fools, I want his to be true so bad :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Plus it would make a cool birthday present since today is my birthday. (That is not an April fools joke lol)


I had to check the date, I’m glad I did but also a bit disappointed

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But… it was posted on 2nd of April :broken_heart: Rip hotsauce ;-;


Why? What day is it?

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HAHA! April 2nd here! Now you guys have to make this real…

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It’s the day the image of the Primalist in my head was butchered. Where do I submit my complaints? Just look at his cute, yes, cute and pathetic, face in that first picture, he looks so broken with his little hot sauce I want to give him a hug.

Is this the true face of Mike the Primalist?

I just want to tell him everything is going to be okay


It’s the face he made when he realized it was all a fools dream

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I can literally never see the Primalist the same ever again, it just didn’t fit his character for me. The least they can do to compensate for emotional damages is to introduce this unique.

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Maybe the suffering I endured on stream for everyone will be enough.

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Let’s be real, if you can still complain about it, you can probably take a bit more suffering.

Also, you’re the Primalist, just spec into Spriggan companion to ease your load and Spriggan form to get some extra hands, everyone appreciates tentacles nature.

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Damn, and here I was hoping for a can of Sentinel’s booty sweat.

It’s never enough.


That’s the face the Primalist makes on the inside after he realises he’s Mike’s character and he’s going to have to facetank



Truuue lol

Could this, after all this time, actually be true? That it actually will be available to get in the Store when we see the game as a Finished proper released Game`?
Is this the reason for me actually finding on occasions a bottle with the words in Red, and no, it is not Health Potion it says. But it says BEER.

There is a mysterious unfound 2nd special health potion. Whether that is still the case or not I am not sure.

It’s not unfound, it’s just significantly rarer than Beer (it is to Beer what Beer is to normal health potions).

thank you for the update llama, I was not aware it had been found.