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Hello everyone. Ola from Portugal!!! :smiley:

I was wondering what’s the max level in LE or max levels if there are different types of levels that a player can grind and how long will take to get to max?
I played other games of the genre where there was a death penalty does LE have that or will it have in the future?

Can anyone tell me more about the patch cycles in the game? When was the last one and when the next will take place? Are the patch cycles 2-3 month apart from each other?

Last night i was “playing” with the crafting system and i noticed that my item was cracked/broken…what is that? Does it mean that the item has become useless or weaker?

I wonder that when i finish the campaign will i be guided to start the end game, to pick one of the end games available or how does it work?

Thank you in advance for reading this and sorry for all the questions… noob here :frowning:

Side note: I just noticed that my forum title is not being displayed…anyone else having this issue?

Max level is 100. Skills can level to 20 normally.

Death penalty is not EXP like other games. In campaign it just sets you back to a checkpoint. in Monolith (end game system) it makes you lose a few maps of progress, and arena (end game system) it makes you start over again.

Patches occur about every 8 weeks. This next patch was delayed so maybe like 6 weeks out?

There are multiple types of fractures crafting. The least sever (minor) just makes it so you cant craft on it anymore, next (major) makes it so that some of your stats are reduced, last (destructive) removes all the affixes.

You will be told to do the monolith of fates. It is straightforward. There are NPCs and quests that guide you.



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Where did you hear that?

in the assemble abomination boss teaser. Last line from Sarno: “We hope you found this post interesting! We look forward to being ready to start talking about the contents of Patch 0.8.2 in detail later in its patch cycle. We currently anticipate this update taking a couple of weeks longer than most of our content patches.”

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Ola Hombre!

I see your questions have been answered. Just in case you did not know (if you have future questions)

  • theres an ingame guide: press “G”
  • The crafting window has an “info” button somwhere in one of the corners
  • Theres a fantastic wrap up of the ingame guide here on the forums:
    Community Game Guide

Have fun!

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