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Last Epoch Is Now Down for Maintenance

Last Epoch Is Now Down for Maintenance

Running our Launcher will update the alpha client in preparation for our beta release later today. People with beta access have download access here.


How long?

Until we launch beta later today.

This post will tell you when that will be in your local time (if you’re not using a VPN or proxy).

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cant wait to play :scream::scream::scream:

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Soon™ :slight_smile:


I have a feeling beta will be epic :wink:


I wish that LE to be the beta of the year and game of 2020 :sunglasses:


Yeah…do it!!..:smiley:

Hey guys, is there any way to try beta for free before buying the game?
Come on make this easier on me, I was considering buying Diablo 3, and found out about this… help me choose! :smiley:

We’re working on a demo which we hope to have ready sometime next month.


diablo ist pretty dead so imo its easy what do choose :;D

Trust me I’ve been refreshing steam page of Last Epoch since yesterday 10pm.
Hoping that beta will be free to try at least, so I can decide.
I only discovered this morning, that it needs to be 35$ for beta access, which is too much to invest, without knowing if I will enjoy the game.

If I could only try it now, it would be way easier to make decision.

Have you seen my response to your earlier post?

Yea @Sarno, I did see it, only problem being is sometime next month :smiley:
And I have ARPG itch I need to scratch now :smiley: , well, actually past week, and been struggling what to start playing, due to limited time (having 1 year old baby, with another one coming in next 10ish days…)

So I can’t really neither invest in both games, nor invest tons of time to be disappointed, if you understand my situation.

There is going to be many streamers going to town on this beta right away! That may help you make your choice!

I am interested in joining from the beta. Should I wait for the new support pack, or buy the current $35?

Just asking, i plan to buy the game in steam but it’s not yet available. Will it be with beta launch?

That’s the plan @Xaelric! :slight_smile:

Great!! thanks

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