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Last Epoch is in its development pivot point

Last Epoch has the potential to be as good as Path of exile as an online multiplayer ARPG, or even better than Grim dawn as a spiritual successor to Diablo 2 as a solo/co-op Experience, and even now it is even considered roughly on par in terms of quality with Wolcen among ARPG fans and Last Epoch is only early access. A lot of us have seen a fair few ARPGs fail from trying to achieve too much or going in the wrong direction, and Last Epoch has the chance to turn into a quality game that make itself on par with both of the above examples, But i don’t think it can go both ways. Based on the update Forecast it could still go either way,.

So my thoughts on how you could improve Epoch overall is to know what experience you’re looking to deliver and create, whether that’s a Online ARPG like Wolcen and path of exile, or a Solo/Co-op experience along the lines of Grim Dawn and Diablo 2 and double down on making the best Epoch you can in which ever way it goes.

My own subjective opinion this topic is: I’d love to see it develop into a Grim Dawn/Diablo 2 Style game since i think it could develop a campaign experience Solo or Co-op that makes it stick out among Older ARPG fans of Diablo 2 due to it’s skill tree system and crafting system.
i think it could still succeed as a Online ARPG, How ever i think it would pull away from world evolves around you experience, an example of that would be allowing you to have access to a global marketplace and being able to buy with either ingame or out of game currency high tier gear via this marketplace would remove the need to find or even craft gear as over time the auction house would become more and more diluted.

Tldr: It’s in the middle ground of Path of exile style Online ARPG and a Diablo 2 Classic ARPG, it could go either way but if it tries to go both it will lessen the experience overall.

These are very subtle nuances which are grossly overshadowed by a singular question:

What do I do to improve my character?

In Grim Dawn the answer is, “Kill monsters! Lots of them! Dangerous ones!”.

In PoE the answer is Trading.

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While I do prefer GD’s way of gearing your character, they have two very different approaches to gear.

In GD you can easily equip uniques in all slots and have all of your 10 primary resists and some/most of your 9 secondary resists (the ones on tab 3 if the character screen) with choices of appropriate uniques, components and augments.

PoE,'s gearing feels very different. You generally can’t equip uniques in all slots, it then doesn’t have two lots of things you can put on your gear to deterministicly shore up your gear to cover missing resists. As far as I’m aware, most of your gear at a high level would come from crafting with the massive rng that that entails.

I understand and at the same time, I don’t agree.
I would highly prefer to see Last Epoch develop into a Last Epoch style game.
I don’t want it to feel like a copy, revival or spiritual heir of any other game.
I don’t want it to be the “new PoE” or “next Grim Dawn” or “what game XXX should have been” or anything else.
Last Epoch is a game in a genre and it has the codes of the genre and inspiration from the genre’s best games, I’m totally OK with that, but that should be all. I’m not sure what a “Diablo 2 style” or a “Grim Dawn style” is, but I’d like to see what a “Last Epoch style” is.
Wishing a game to be “the same style as game YYY” is denying its identity and what makes it unique and worth playing.
I know this opinion is not popular, but it’s mine though. :wink:


I want LE to be an experience, that is exciting for solo and coop play.

Especially the CO-OP part is very important to me.

Even though Grim Dawn was no massive “online experience”, it still had the best CO-OP experience from all aRPG’s i have ever played.
It truely felt like you were playing together with a friend or a stranger.
The pace of combat, the possibilities for different roles (dps, heal, tank, support) choice of instanced loot or shared loot.

I want this same feeling, but as an online experience.

PoE just doesn’t speak to me in terms of CO-OP… i am really tired of all those comparisons to PoE, … while i understand that PoE is the closest and most popular game to compare, LE doesn’t try to be PoE.

Just the pace of combat in LE would allow a great CO-OP experience already, with classes already in the current implementation (without MP) having skills that would support a group playstyle via utility, buffs, debuffs and healing, if desired.

One thing i have to disagree with is this statment though:

I know SC Trade league is the most played and most popular mode in PoE, it’s not necessarily everything the game revolves around

I really think and hope LE will still offer the possibilty of trading for everyone interested, but in a majorly different way.
We don’t have any details yet, but i can savely say that EHG has a different vision that GGG.

They said on multiple occasions, that it will be always the best and intended way to get loot: Kill Mosnters

So while we don’t have any details i think trading will just be a supplementary system and i hope they can achieve that.

And for people that want to mainly play solo, but occansionally want to play together with close friends (like me), they are not forced to play Solo Mode, without feeling that they handicap themselves, if they don’t use the trading system.


I keep reading things like these but I can’t agree. The existence of a marketplace doesn’t mean you can get high end-game gear without effort, at all. You first need to put a lot of yourself and farming if you want to buy that “high-end expensive gear that trivialize the game”. Not for nothing PoE is so successful having a free market where you can sell nearly all items in the game.

And personally, if they have to choose one way or another, I hope it’s the PoE/online-game style.