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It’s not an MMO please stop

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What the hell. I’m a seasoned forum troll myself, but why are people arguing about what an ARPG or an MMORPG is on a patch note thread? And writing a whole damn series of essays that I wish my son would learn how to write?

EHG obviously knew about this and worked on it. Common sense please. Also common sense they wouldn’t want to acknowledge or make public such exploit so market doesn’t tank and quietly resolve it. But some idiot decided to publicize it because god forbid, EHG is busy fixing the bug and tried to keep it hush.

Also common sense it’s dev malpractice for such an exploit to exist. We can acknowledge the fuck ups and also acknowledge that there are self righteous idiots out there who fucked up the market maliciously.


By your logic, Fortnite is also an MMO.

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Yes, it’s an MMO FPS but no one says that but technically all games that host > 10 players is an MMO. Single/Co-op games does not do that.

In most cases, it just makes it irrelevant if every game had a MMO in front of it so everyone uses it distinctively, and compares it with RPG’s, hence MMO is known as MMORPG’s being the norm. it’s the genre that offers the most ways to play with others, in a much wider scale&range.

Keywords Can

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Funny there’s a debate whether to label the game as mmo or not. Ignore the label, put the number of players impacted negatively by gold generation… literally every single online mg player, some mmo with dupes probably have a lot less people affected.


Itll only matter for a season.

So if I created an online game where nobody could party (or trade, obvs) but “everyone was on the same server”, that would qualify for being an MMO? 'Cause there would be lots of players (obviously, it’s my game & the best thing since sliced bread) online & they’re all playing.

Welcome to the Internet. You must be new here…

But they never did it maliciously, they just found the bug while trying to hack the game then publicly released the info when EHG didn’t stroke their ego enough.

No, it’s not. Games that have servers with > 10 players are still online games. Massively Multiplayer Online means hundreds and thousands of people are playing in the same persistent world, they can complete the game’s tasks together or compete against each other. No, hosting even a million people’s games on the same server is NOT an MMO if their games are instanced and they cannot interact with each other.

By your logic Farmville was an MMO because more than 10 people played it.


On paper, yes. For majority of us gamers standards and considering it to be one, no. We also can’t exclude trading as they are in this game and connects everyone, at least in this game, everyone in the faction.

If a game was created as such like the one you’re proposing, in just being simply in numbers, then I personally wouldn’t consider/call it a MMO either. However, with a mechanic such as the market that connects large scales of players together, whether remotely or live, is more suited to be considered a MMO, imo.

This game does that?? How do you think the trading market works?

As for farmville, I don’t play it so I wont comment. On paper, yes but to be considered one imo, will take more features/mechanics that connect players together but simply tagging it with MMO is correct.

Many games like PoE have the tag MMO since forever on steam as well some other genres like FPS because they can by definition.

No, simply no. Trading doesn’t make a game an MMO. If it did then Counter-Strike would be an MMO because you can trade skins. NO, it’s NOT an MMO.


You are not trading through the game, you are trading through steam.

Again, on paper, all multiplayer games that supports large scale of players on the same servers is one. The less features and mechanics it provides on supports that large scale of players, the less it will sway away from the being recognized as one and vice versa.

Go browse the MMO list on steam. You will find some more popular titles as/with MMO tag, including PoE, World Of tanks, Summoners war, BattleBit Remaster, Counterstrike Nexon style (only mention this because you mentioned CS), Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Fishing Planet, etc…

The reason why this vulnerability was made public is because they have repeatedly reported this bug to EHG, but no one has replied to them and there is no intention of fixing it.
I can imagine how desperate this player is

That’s stupid. That assumes the individual or anyone knows EHG’s plans. That assumes they ignored it. When common sense will tell you acknowledging the bug would put a highlight on it and have people actively looking for the exploit. When common sense tells you they were probably already on it. It was a jackass who didn’t get their ego stroked. It’s the typical intelligent, but not wise type of individual. Intelligent enough to find the bug, but not wise enough to shut up about it and understand why they were quiet about it.

This is a feel good measure for the players. What actually happens when you ban these people is they just buy another copy of the game and are right back.

Based on the fact of how the duplication was done, it could have required some major rewrites of components. This wasn’t just a “do this action and you get duplicated gold” kind of scenario. The scammers were using external code to hook into the Last Epoch code. These type of vulnerabilities can be both difficult to track down and difficult to fix.