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Last Epoch & GeForce Now

Hi and happy new year everyone,

I d like to suggest your team to contact Nvidia to ask them to add Last Epoch to the list of games supported by their GeForce Now game streaming service.

Having the option to run Last Epoch on any device with a fast enough internet connection is a real benefit and many other hack 'n slash (Wolcen, Chaos Bane, Grim Dawn, etc) are already supported.

So i m really looking forward for LE to be added to the list of supported games.

This comes up from time to time.

Not sure if the OP is the discord user in this quote, but this question was recently answered on the game’s discord:

Source: Discord Link

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Yep i went to the discord to ask the question directly.

Nice to see that they may add the GeForce Now support to LE. This should be mandatory to any game in 2021 for all the confort that it brings to users.

This doesnt even exist in Australia

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, with your internet you’ll probably get a better experience on a 486 (SX-25 obviously, not those highfalutin DX4-125s).

I thought the purpose of this GE Force thing was to emulate a faster computer so you can play games like Cyberpunk with a cpu that cant handle it

maybe i misread it

No, Geforce Now is Nvidia’s cloud gaming thing, like Stadia. So you can use a potato with a really good internet to get decent fps.

ah ok thanks. Australia has garbage Internet for all our comforts so probably wont happen for years. Last I checked countries like Hungary have better internet speed than Aus

Australia is ranked #50 in the world placing just above Cayman Islands but worse than Bulgaria, what a life

i made also a research on this one because i really wanted to make the video recording possible. so i can just hit ALT+F10 and save the last 5 minutes.
it was not working so i tried to add LE manually didnt worked but i just set the installation folder refreshed and it worked.
Sometimes it looses the setting then i just need to add it again and save it.
I know if it works when i start the game and Geeforce Experience pops up really short.
Game will just show up as APP not as LAst Epoch, dont know if streaming service and more works.
I can give it a try if im back home

I think you are talking about something different here.

OP is talking about the streaming service GeForce Now, which is a cloud based game streaming service, where you virtually play on a machine that is located somewhere else.

The Link @Llama8 posted here should answer all the question, what it actually is.

I think you are refering to all the additional features GeForce Experience offers, like optimizing settings automatically, Shadowplay and generally capturing gameplay.

Which is not the point of this topic.


ah yeah my fault sorry.
just had to google Geeforce Now, i thought about the streaming service with geefore experience but i see its something different.
geeforce now is a could based gaming service. learned something new today XD

Yeah learning something new everyday is the beauty of the internet.

GeForce Now is basically the opposite of me, before igot my new ISP… overkill rig and freaking horrific bandwidth :smiley:

It’s a really nice service for peole only casually playing and don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of euros/dollars on a gaming rig.

But i think the main thing will be better optimization of LE, before they even can apply to GeForce Now. (I am not sure what the exact details are, but i assume Nvidia wants stable games on their platform)

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