Last Epoch Feedback

Beta 0.7.0B/C/D

General Bugs And Suggestions


  • Using Town Portal is not that responsive. After casting you have to walk away a bit to be able to click on the portal. Also accidently walking in the portal is happening very often.
  • Enemies don’t make any sounds when attacking. Also them dying makes always that one and only cracking sound. I would suggest to implement individual attacking and dying sounds for each enemy type. They could scream, insult, roar and so on. Would be very cool. At the moment the world is very quiet.
  • Debuffs on enemies should be listed under their health bar when hovering over them with the cousor. Also the game is lacking visual effects for debuffs on the enemies.
  • The levels feel kind of empty, especially on Act I. For example the Themple has huge rooms with nothing more than the floor and some pillars.
  • There should be a counter on the “Skills & Specializations” tab for every skill that shows how many skillpoints you already have spent and how many are left until maxing out that skill. For new players it’s not obvious that there is a cap at 20 points.
  • There might be a little progress bar on your active skills symbols. I find me opening the “Skills & Specializations” tab very often to see if I am close to leveling up a skill.
  • Tooltips often don’t show the exact information what a skill does. E.g. the Necromancers Icy Manipulation – “Enemies in the affected area are chilled”. What does that mean? Slowed movement? Slowed attackspeed? Both? At which rate? 10%? 50%? How long does this effect apply?


  • There are invisible walls all over the map that block projectiles like the “hungering souls”.
  • Sometimes some things like palms, trees or rocks do not become transparent when the player character walks underneath them.
  • The sound engine can’t handle large battles. Especially with more and more minions the sound begins to stutter and cracks. Music breaks, too.

Class Related: Necromancer


  • Minions sometimes start attacking the ground for no purpose and stop following me. Recasting them works. Also they follow me again after I went on for a short while. (Did not happen in version 0.7.0D or may be related to the ealy levels - ruined era)
  • Minions body block the player. That should be turned off. It’s frustrating when you don’t get to the desired location or melee minions are trapt behind you and cannot get to the enemy.
  • Leaving the Great College in Imperial Welryn leaves minions “nowhere”. Their icons are still present in the top left corner but no minions can be seen around. Resummon helps.

Mark For Death:

Icy Manipulation: Enemies in the affected area are chilled

What does this “chill” actually do? There is no indication that the chill effect is applied to enemies. No new icon, no changes color pattern on the enemies. First I thought the skill is bugged and not working. But I figured out that it slows the enemies movement speed. I could not recognize if the attack speed also is affected. There needs to be a more clear description what this skill does and an indicator that the effect is applied to enemies.

Terror: Enemies in the affected area are feared

I can see an icon next to the mark but the enemies don’t act like they are feared. Shouldn’t they run away? Instead they continue attacking.

Summon Wraith:

Locus of Resurrection: Wraiths appear at the target location.

This is already the case. This skill adds some range so you can summon them far away. But they already appear at the coursor location if near to yourself.

What I Like

  • Skilltrees on Abilities
  • Crafting system
  • Soundtrack
  • Charakter design

What I Am Missing

  • Voice acting on own character, enemies, npcs
  • Item models

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