Last Epoch Feedback/Suggestions

Last Epoch Feedback/Suggestions

Loot Filter Options
UI Improvements
Game Guide
Set Items
Forge Potential Normalization
Class Mastery
Class Powercreep
Game Difficulty
Affix Starvation
Character Customization

I played Last Epoch quite a while ago fairly briefly (I got to the start of monoliths). I recently picked the game up again and started a new character and so far started flying through empowered monoliths. And so I thought I’d share what limited things I’ve learned that I personally think should be improved.
For any suggestions and feedback I have, I’ll try to be as in-depth as possible without writing an essay. Good luck.

Loot Filter Options

  • Give players more control over the art and sound of items dropped along with map icon options.
  • Allow multiple conditions of the same type in a single filter condition. For example; 3 subtype bows & 4 dagger subtypes.
  • Allow players to fine-tune separate mod level as conditions. For example; T5+ HP & T2+ AoE & T4+ Ele DMG.
  • Ideally I’d like to see a higher cap for the filter rules (currently 75). But I imagine it’s 75 for a reason?

UI Improvements
There are obviously more UI issues, but these (along with another I already saw posted) are probably the things I’d like to see most.

  • Show rarity of affixes in both filter and on the items themselves. Including LP/WW rarity.
  • Give players the option while creating filters to filter affixes by item bases, or see what non-unique bases those affixes can drop on.
  • And as someone else already beat me too it; Allow players to respec all passive points with 2 clicks.

Game Guide

  • There is some missing information within the Game Guide that should arguably be there; Effects such as “Ambusher” and “Deadly”. Some of these are required to know in order to not die in harder content, and the only way to find them is through 3rd party sites.
  • The search function doesn’t seem to work very well.
  • Screenshots within Game Guide are really low quality, this is mostly an issue for the formula/text screenshots.

Set Items
Set items are pretty bad for the most part, there are of course exceptions. Part of the issue with set items is they tend not to scale as well and they aren’t available when they need to be. The other problem is the set bonuses are often not good enough to make up for the sometimes idiotic affixes on said set items.
If they aren’t going to be balanced to be on-par with legendries or be made more available to bridge gear gaps, then I think they need to be reworked to just be twink items and/or used as special crafting resource.


  • Set Items have no level requirement.
  • Set Items can be placed into a special tab that allows any character to use said item (multiple characters can use the same item).
  • Once a set item is placed inside this tab, it’s “consumed”.

Set Affix Shard

  • Can shatter set items, gaining any regular affix shards.
  • Any unique affixes (to the item base) is turned into a “Sealed X Affix”.
  • These Sealed affixes can be placed as a Sealed affix onto items.

Forge Potential Normalization
It’s really sad to see a decent crafting base get yeeted and deleted because it gobbled up 50 Forging Potential in 2 crafts. And there’s no need for it, I get unlucky and brick an a good item, meanwhile bob gets lucky and makes a god tier item. Luck based crafting in this should be far less severe.
This is why I suggest to close the gap of forging potential (FP) costs; a 1-18 FP craft could instead be 3-8 FP. This allows players to more accurately determine if they have enough FP left on an item.

Additionally I think glyph of hope should be reworked. Rolling the dice to not spend FP is a pretty bad system, especially in a crafting system that’s supposed to be about getting what you need from a craft.
My suggestion is to make glyph of hope a flat reduction of FP up to a capped amount per item. For example if you have an item with 50 FP, then glyph of hope will remove the cost of each craft up to 25% of the items FP (12-13 rounded in this case). This is functionally the same, but far less reliant on random chance.

Class Mastery
I think not being able to respec mastery is incredibly arbitrary. What’s the reason for it? It doesn’t make any sense to me to limit this part of respeccing. It’s just an unneeded L this game has.

Would it be wrong to suggest that the new masteries all seem very much like they’ve powercrept older masteries? It is nice to see that the newer masteries seem to have a solid foundation, like the runemaster scaling better with INT. But the issue is it REALLY leaves a lot to be desired for the other masteries. Some of the other masteries really need some much needed updates to their passives and skills. Especially masteries such as Spellblade, forge guard, shaman. And due to Runemaster overshadowing sorcerer, that too. The only reason to play sorcerer now is for meteor, that’s a pretty sad state to be in imo.

Game Difficulty
This is more of a comment than feedback, but I see quite a few complaints about the game difficulty being too easy, meanwhile people also say they struggling against Lagon. So from my own experience I can tell you that the game was far too easy while playing an Aura of Decay-focused Lich, Lagon was a joke (I did not use any gear/idols I already gathered; because I didn’t have anything usable). Meanwhile I played a Sorcerer prior (this was before Runemaster) to that and I remember dying on Lagon, I felt it was was quite a bit tougher in comparison.

I think the main take away is some classes/builds really struggle where as others are snooze fests. I think the levelling process for each mastery is the first place to look before meddling with campaign difficulty. I for one would like to see it made harder, but also not harder; it really depends on the class.

Affix Starvation
Coming from PoE it really stings to only have 4 affix slots. And a little bit like PoE it really feels like a “here’s your 4 affix slots, fill them with HP and damage” situation. But it hurts more when you get a bad affix. The problem of course with increasing the amount of affix slots available is that you just fill them with more damage/health. The problem is that stats that aren’t optimal are often dead stats (things like stun avoidance). Of course you have the sealed system, but again, you’re going to want to put in optimal stats to make room for the next best thing (or vice versa). This is where I think the Sealed system should be reworked to put less pressure on ignoring what one would call “dead stats”.


  • Seal chance changed to 100%.
  • Items start with 100 Seal Power Capacity.
  • Multiple affixes can be sealed.
  • Seal Power Capacity is filled when affixes are sealed.
  • Seal Power cost of affixes are based on the type of stat and its tier. For example a T5 stun avoidance could cost 10 Seal Power, where as a T5 HP could cost 80 Seal Power.
  • Oversealing: when the last affix sealed uses more power than is available, then that affix tier is reduced to fit the Seal Power Capacity.

Some stats I think are very underwhelming, or don’t really function very well, or feel too mandatory. Below are some of the stats I think are a problem.

Why does Mana not scale added(flat) mana regeneration? This makes no sense to me. If you’re putting resources into Mana, you should be rewarded with a better capacity to use higher Mana costing abilities. Right now you’re better off ignoring the Mana stat completely (or 200 for sorc / 300 for affix), and instead dump points/affixes into Mana Regen. Maybe it’s a case of the numbers just being far too low, but Mana capacity is essentially completely meaningless or underperforming at best.

Crit Avoidance + Crit Reduction
I don’t like Crit Avoidance/Crit Reduction; it’s a stat that is 100% mandatory, and worse, you kind of have to get it to 100% to be sure not to get unlucky. I feel like one simple change would fix this; that would be to reduce the critical damage from monsters by default and increase the frequency of crits slightly. Example; 120% critical damage (down from 200%) and 10% critical chance (up from 5%).
This would (imo) make crit avoidance and crit reduction far less mandatory, but still a stat that may be worth having (even if less optimal than raw HP). I think this would also unironically make blind not such a bad ailment, as it would be less severe to not always nullify monster crits.

The issue with dodge is unless you’re a rogue, it’s not a good stat to have. One reason for this is the lack of dodge implicit. But the main reason is it’s an “all or nothing” defensive stat, and usually those feel pretty bad without stacking other layers of defence, the issue there of course is if you’re stacking dodge, then you could have been stacking more HP. This is why I think dodge needs to be reworked, both to make sense and to lessen its polarizing nature.


  • You have a Dodge Counter and your HP will be overlaid with green.

  • The dodge counter will deplete based on the attack against you.

  • While the dodge counter is green, you’ll dodge all attacks.

  • Once the dodge counter is empty, it will start to refill as a faint white colour; lets call it glancing counter.

  • The glancing counter will fill based on the attack.

  • While the glancing counter is not full, you’ll take glancing blows (35% less damage from attacks).

  • Once the glancing counter is full, it will change to its green colour.

  • Your dodge counter will reset after changing zones, or slowly refill after not attacking or being attacked for X seconds.

  • You’ll need at a minimum threshold of dodge to get the Dodge counter (so you don’t have it with 1 dodge rating).

  • Dodge ratting will increase the maximum Dodge Counter and fill Glancing Counter faster.

  • Additionally, maybe change rogue armour implicit to dodge?

  • Would also need to rework dodge converted to glancing blow.

Fear, Knockback, Pull, Freeze, & Stun (+Stun Avoidance)
The problem with these stats is they are based on HP, which means they do not scale well into harder content. The inverse to that is there needs to be a limit on how often monsters are CCed for, especially bosses/elites. Which is why all monsters (and players) shouldn’t be CCed based on HP, but rather the good old stagger bar-kun.

Control Bar:

  • Monsters and Players have a “Control Bar”.

  • Player Control Bar capacity is based on player level.

  • Monster Control Bar capacity is based on monster level & monster type (normal/rare/elite/boss).

  • The chance to Fear, freeze, or stun will increase as the Control Bar fills once past a threshold (say 10% stagger bar).

  • The Control Bar will deplete over the course of any Fear, freeze, or stun.

  • The Control Bar will refill based on stun, freeze, or fear that is “ignored”, as well as pull/knockback.

  • Freeze Multiplier + Stun Chance increases fill rate of the Control Bar.

  • Pull & Knockback have two stages. Lesser Pull/Knockback & Greater Pull/Knockback.

  • Lesser Pull/Knockback always works regardless of the Control Bar’s state.

  • Greater Pull/Knockback depletes a portion of available Control Bar, which increases their pull/knockback power.

  • Rename Stun Chance to Stun Multiplier.

  • Stun Avoidance adds to your own Control Bar.

  • Stuns Control Bar depletion amount scales with base skill damage + added damage + melee bonus + stun multiplier.

Non-Stacking DoTs
Reapplying non-stacking DoTs should instead stack their duration. Only for DoTs though, not soft CC.

HP Idols
I’m not sure how I feel about HP idols. Resistance idols are nice in that you can round off any uncapped resistances and generally not something you’d be inclined to spam (past early-mid game), but HP idols just feel like not filling my idol space with them is punishing, particularly the double HP stout idols. Maybe this is a hot take, but I think HP idols should be removed.


  1. There is too much emphasis on rushing to empowered monoliths in last epoch. After all, getting higher level loot along with more loot means better character. I think the main problem is the player is hard capped in difficulty (and thus rewards) on normal monoliths. Maybe this isn’t such a big deal, but I don’t think it’s really a problem that needs to exist to the extent it does.

  2. The other issues with monoliths is variety of objectives leaves a lot to be desired. For example; All of the “go kill X” play the exact same way. And aside from the occasional arena, that’s all you really get.

  3. Another point I’d like to bring up is the lack of control you have over monoliths, aside from endlessly resetting them, there’s no real way to influence what Echoes you get.

  4. Some of the Echo rewards are very underwhelming “cough” Gold.

  5. And lastly, the Golden Nugget (I don’t know what it’s actually called) no scaling with monster kills/stability seems like an odd choice. Even on Echoes you need, you’re still encouraged to rush the objective and leave.


  • Increase gold (Golden Nugget) from Gold Echoes.

  • Change EXP Tomes to lootable items so you can transfer them to another character.

  • Change Normal Monolith Corruption cap from 50 to 100.

  • Improve Echo rewards (Golden Nugget) based on stability gained in the Echo.

  • Add Echo type: Rune Mage; adds an objective to kill the Rune Mage. In addition grants Rune Mage rewards as an Echo reward (Golden Nugget).

  • Add objective type: Siege Defence; defend with allied fodder against a constant barrage of monsters (like arena but one continuous wave).

  • Add Passive Tree to each Monolith: Unlock Nodes after X Echoes and purchase them with corruption.

  • Players can unlock active Monolith skills: Spend corruption to use skills on the Monolith Map.

Some examples of Monolith passives:

  • Less X Echoes / More Y Echoes.
  • Remove X Echo type.
  • +X vision range of Beacons.
  • Show location of all undiscovered Beacons.
  • Auto-complete connected Beacons.
  • More exclusive Echoes / Less Stability gained.
  • Add corruption equal to X% (<10%) of stability gained, and reduce stability gained by X%.
  • Grant X shrine effect at the start of every echo.
  • Transform all shrines to drop-shrines.
  • After completing an Echo, add another Runechest to the start of the next Echo.
  • Shrine effects last until you leave the Echo. Start with the experience shrine buff.
  • Echo chest picks up items not picked up by the player.
  • Shower of gold on any Echo reward & further increased gold Echo reward.
  • See more X Echo objectives.
  • Enhance the specific Monolith blessing for echoes within the Monolith.
  • Modifiers last +X more Echoes.
  • Chance to drop other key types in key Echoes rewards.
  • You can die X times without losing the Echo reward.

Some examples of Monolith Active Skills:

  • Reveal adjacent Echoes.
  • Portal to an unreached Echo.
  • Enhance Echo Reward.
  • Change Echo to random Echo of X, Y, or Z.
  • Completes Echo (no reward) and grants stability.
  • Lock current modifiers to an Echo.
  • Reroll/remove enemy modifier(s).

Character Customization
I’ve mostly not really cared about character customization when it comes to Last Epoch (things such as gender, height, hair, etc). And I can see that the types of people that do care, are probably the types of people who are more likely to buy cosmetics (which would obviously further support the development of the game). That’s of course speculation, but if it seems like it’s worth spending development hours on that over creating additional cosmetic items, then it’s really a no brainer to add such a feature.
I just want to make this point because I see a few people very much against the idea. Probably because most the people I’ve seen who critique the lack of customization come across as… “Individuals” lets just say.

Speaking of which, despite not being a huge character customization advocate, I am very much a PoE Hideout enjoyer. There is only so much you can put on a character, meanwhile hideouts are a like a canvas of digital wealth. I’ll say no more.

I think players should be able to purchase microtransactions with steam wallet funds, via direct debit, or the current point system. This eliminates any sort of confusion as to the “value” of a store item as well as eliminate over-spending for “points”. It’s just a cleaner way to monetize imo. Sea of Thieves did a pretty good job on this front if you want an example.

If you have anything that you think is important to add, or if I am mistaken somewhere, then please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading, that’s all folks.


Their reasons for not doing this is so that the player can’t turn their screen into a confusing mess. Not sure I agree with that but there we are.

They also don’t want the loot filter to be so comprehensive that you always pick up everything that drops without thought so the don’t have LP/WW/FP as filter options.

The game guide is missing so much stuff.

That’s RNG, there are multiple systems that act to reduce FP cost, glyph of hope, critical crafts & a “lucky” roll (that isn’t displayed anywhere, but it rolls to be lucky & it it is it rolls the FP cost twice and uses the lower one).

It’s not arbitrary, there are so many threads about this (& skill respecs) that I won’t reiterate why here. But you can’t respec from an Acolyte to a Sentinel for the same reason.

They are, because they’re the new shiny, plus EHG have learned lessons about making classes and skills. Eventually the other classes/skills will bd brought up to a comparable level.

Every class/mastery/skill scales with a particular attribute, the old ones are no different.

Re Lagon, your AoD Lich could probably just run around avoiding stuff and get most of the damage out rather than have to cast. Lagon is a skill/mechanic check not a dps check, if people respected the mechanics they would have an easier time of it.

You’ll get used to it. Would it help if the increased the number of slots by 2 but decreased the values of the affixes by 33% (or whatever the maths is to get back to the same stat budget)?

That would be massive power creep. It’s not a bad idea, but everything would need to be rebalanced atound it.

Because they want mana to be an actively managed resource. They don’t always succeed here, but that’s the intention.

I don’t think Dodge needs changing 'cause it’s intended to be primarily a Rogue defence (and secondarily a Primalist). Other classes can use it but it’ll be harder for them to do it effectively, just like it’s harder for non-Sentinels to use block (if we ignore Bastion of Honour) or non-Acolytes/Mages to use ward. Having defences be easier for particular classes isn’t a bad thing as it promotes class identity, but it is quite different to PoE, which I think is where a fair bit of your problems lie.

They don’t want to add these.


I never understand these “I totally redesigned half the game systems” posts that call themselves feedback.

If you want to apply for a game design job at EHG, they have a careers page.

People get bored, I wrote a 40 page document (with small font) about what I’d like to see in a MOO-em-up at work once.

@BroncoCollider You still read it. So you can imply certain (assumably) negative things about people giving feedback, but if you’re taking your time to read what is said. Then what does that make you? If you want to throw shade, at least don’t insult yourself in the process buddy.

Why should that matter? It’s not a default option, a player has to make the game like that. So I don’t buy that argument.

In this regard I was talking about seeing information within the filter, such as items with LP: Level 90.

Eye, and that’s why I quit Black Desert Online and never went back. Granted the RNG in that game is far more egregious, and the problem isn’t random chance itself, it’s the scale of RNG. Some RNG is fine, but I think losing an item entirely is pretty bad. And this isn’t like slamming an LP item, you can get 4 decent stats on most item bases and it will be okay even if it picked the wrong stat (maybe with the exception of weapons). The difference with crafting is you’re deleting an item for no real reason in a system that’s supposed to be less about RNG and more about getting the stats you want on an item.

I don’t see how it’s not arbitrary. And your argument of Acolyte to Sentinel is also an arbitrary restriction. Of course the difference there is you’d have to “change character” to go from Acolyte to Sentinel.
It’s still just a needless restriction to not allow mastery respec. Until there is an actual reason that mastery can’t be swapped, then I’ll always have this stance that it’s just a bad design.

And if it’s a engine/software restriction, then fix/change it.

I can see that they’ve probably learned a lot about class creation, and I really hope they will update other classes soon. Cause right now, a new player can make a poor class choice, one that can instantly turn them off the game without trying other classes.

Except Runemaster gets to put points into sorcerers crit-int scaling, even with no other point investment.

It had less to do with AoD Lich and more to do with golems just taking agro from Lagon, as all the “mechanics” were the other side of the arena. But even then the boss is vastly less lethal because of Reaper Form. Who would have guessed that having another pool of health would make the boss a joke. I spend most my time channelling Wandering Spirits. I couldn’t do that on sorcerer.

That’s a problem is it not? One class and the boss is harder, the other class it’s a joke. It’s fine if a new players knows ahead of time, but they don’t get access to that sort of information.

I thought of that, but I don’t think it would work simply because instead of HP and %HP, you’d go HP, %HP, %Armour. Or Ele DMG, Spell DMG+ Cold/fire/lightning DMG. Increasing the affix amount without putting weight into the affixes themselves only ends up moving the goal posts.

I disagree that it would be a power creep. The numbers were just an example, but the idea is to allow multiple less optimal stats, and only 1 god stat, or 1 good stat + another bad stat.

But you’d be right that it would take some work, each stat would need to be weighted, and that can be pretty tricky to decided whether 2 bad stats are equally bad or how good a stat really is.

The only powercreep would be the chance of sealing a stat, which I find silly that it’s even a chance to begin with, just let people seal a stat they want.

Yeah, but that’s what I’m saying, they didn’t succeed here. I get the intention, but the devs need to realise that if a player is putting resources into being able to spam higher mana costing spells, then they should be able to.
If you have +mana on your gear, that’s a stat which isn’t going towards damage. But the problem is the +mana doesn’t increase DPS because it doesn’t scale regen, (I mean the sorcerer does, but the amount is actually an insult - like 1.5% per T5 mana roll, what a joke).

Dodge is a frustrating stat regardless of class though (I haven’t played rogues in this game, but I know how frustration dodge builds are as a concept). If you can get up to 85% dodge rate, then in theory you reduce total damage over a duration by that amount. The problem comes when you need that stat to make sure you don’t get killed. Unlike armour that reduces every attack by it’s stated amount, dodge only needs to not function for a few attacks and you’re dead. A few unlucky rolls is all it takes.

Block is the same way of course, the difference there though is you’re generally building armour rather than stacking block chance, right?


lol, I sure didn’t. It took 5 seconds of skimming to confirm what you told me I’d be in for by having (LOL) a table of contents at the start of your “feedback” post.

Nice try though! Careers page is that way.


If you don’t like what I said, just say so. There’s really no need to be a contrarian with seemingly too much time on your hands.

In a … what ? :open_mouth:
On one side i’m very curious; on the other, it can’t be better than what I have in mind right now.

How is that any less so, though? Given the plethora of arguments, let’s use the “what about a surgeon deciding to become a urologist? It could happen!”. Yes, and a doctor might also decide to change careers, altogether, and become a lawyer. So, why can’t we switch base classes as well? hrmmmmmmmm?

It’s almost as if that’s been a thing in games since, forever. Some fights are just easier/harder for certain classes/builds/specializations/melee/ranged/etc/etc/etc. This isn’t new.

I agree here. Dodge is just a stupid stat/mechanic as it is always implemented – make it reliable and it’s far too OP, leave it as it, and it’s basically Russian roulette, as a defensive layer. Dodge should be removed as an investible stat, and just given to all classes/masteries some arbitrary flat dodge% and have it as a bonus defensive layer. Glancing blow is a far better mechanism, imho, and should be pushed instead.

You don’t have to buy it, that is their stated viewpoint. I don’t agree with it but I don’t think that they’re lieing to me when they state it.

You mean the “level for LP” stat that the devs didn’t want exposed and only came into the public domain via datamining? It’s unlikely, but that horse has bolted, but, but, they’re not going to want to confuse players & it doesn’t mean what people think it means.

No, that was the previous crafting system, that would actually brick an item (as in remove affixes) with a higher chance of “just” lowering them on a fail.

Neither of those is arbitrary. The devs see characters as a specific individual, rather than Dave the Paladin#5485284. I don’t happen to agree with that, but this has been mentioned so many fudging times in so many motherloving threads on respecs, there’s several live at the moment, you can read them for more background if you wish.

The devs also view the mastery as the class, not like the ascendancy in PoE. I also don’t agree with this, but there we are.

I don’t want to have to go over it yet again, so please go read those other threads, otherwise I’m just going to say, no, you’re wrong, they’re not arbitrary.

There is, go read one of the other threads, you’re wrong. #DealWithIt.

Nope, it’s a design decision. #YouWrongBro.

They will, don’t worry, when, we have no idea & it’s probably not going to come soon enough for us.

So does a Spellblade, what’s your point? This isn’t new classes having an easier time than old ones, this is newer designed passive trees being better & more interesting than the old ones that haven’t been touched in years. It’ll get better. “Soon” ™.

Then that’s a pet-build issue. Nerf pets.

Exactly, nothing has to change just because we get more slots if they then reduce the numbers on the affixes in step. And just giving us more slots would be massive power creep & the campaign is easy enough as it is.

So going from 4 stats per item to 5 isn’t power creep? Do you maths bro? You’d be more powerful. Objectively. Unless you took the stun avoidance affix.

Yeah, chance-based defences always are. There’s a reason D3 changed it for the dex classes.

Master of Orion. One of the best games ever.

Letting the player define sounds and beacons on filters is a performance issue (much like the limit to the number of rules). It’s not an unsolvable one, like PoE has shown, but it’s a current one. Maybe in the future we’ll get to a point where they can do this.

And yet no other ARPG lets you do that. Nor is it a requested feature in any of them.

There is one. If you look at the many many threads about this, you’ll see the devs replying with their stance on this issue, namely that mastery is your class. You just get to select it later. If you selected it at character creation it woulnd’t be an issue.

Even the most currently underpowered classes can still do all end game. They all have viable builds. And the devs are going to balance them in time, starting with Shaman at 1.0.

You mean like every ARPG ever? The problem isn’t the class, since all classes have tools to deal with bosses, it’s the build, since some builds are more focused towards speed/AoE.

MOO/MOO2, yes. MOO3, notsomuch.

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And the reboot even less so. MoM was awesome as well.

Is still feedback. Is up to EHG to decide how useful it is.

I also felt a tiny bit offended, because I usually offer solutions aside pointing at self-perceived issues.

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There’s a lot of things in these replies that completely miss the points I’m making.

First of all, I really don’t care “how it’s done in other ARPGs”. That isn’t an argument. Other ARPGs do trade X or Y way, yet would you immediately say the faction system is a bad idea because its not the way its done? The same can be said for the crafting system; “it’s not normally like that in ARPGs, so it’s bad” is such a silly argument.

I also don’t care if the devs said “it’s this way, and it’s staying this way”. I can still give my opinion and disagree with bad/unreasonable logic. If a system is bad and there is no other reason for it other than “meh, devs don’t like it”, then it’s still a bad system to me. Saying the devs like it the way it is isn’t an argument of why a piece of feedback is invalid.

I judge systems and content based on merit alone, and while I may bring up other games in comparison, it’s not to be an argument in of itself.

And this is kind of the whole point of feedback section, is it not? And just as threads are closed after 3 months for being less relevant, I’m not going to go digging for answers that I may or may not find, nor should you expect people to. If you aren’t going to repeat your argument for something you disagree with, then don’t mention it as one as if it’s an argument in itself.

Just wanted to correct @Llama8 on the Sealing-Powercreep argument. Why do you talk as if sealing isn’t already in the game? You can already have 5 stats… And I really don’t understand why you would make this argument as it feels like you’re arguing in bad faith here.

Who’s to say the system is bad? It’s bad to you, but not to other players. Mastery respec is an issue where you see this. Many players want one, but also many players don’t. Is it bad that there is no mastery respec? No. Would it be bad if there was? Also no. It all comes down to what type of game the devs want to make and the target players they want in their game.

The way it is now, sealing is a risk/reward kind of situation. You will spend more FP and you might not get it. The way you proposed the risk is gone, not to mention you said we could have more than one sealed affix. Thus, power-creep. There’s a reason why most end-game gear doesn’t have a sealed affix.

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Who’s to say it’s bad? I do, that’s kind of the point of feedback. Additionally while it’s a matter of taste, it’s also not just a matter of taste.
Let me give you an example: A casual players likes the sound of playing a Primalist, great. So they spend how ever long it takes them to reach the point where they can choose a mastery. They choose a mastery that is fun to them and happy days, they carry on as normal. But if they choose a mastery that is not fun to them, well now what? They’ve just deleted the time they’ve already spent playing. It’s not like choosing a class at character selection, because at any point they can decide the class isn’t for them. The problem with locking in choices part way through a play-through is precisely because they can’t make an informed decision without putting their previous play time at risk.
So while I said class swapping is arbitrary, it’s also a far cry from the actual point I made about masteries being arbitrary.
I also haven’t heard an argument of why it shouldn’t be changed. Do you really think people will complain about not being able to respec mastery? What kind of loser would complain about a QoL feature like that?

I can already disprove this argument. Why does sealing have a %chance, but a later feature that allows sealing of Experimental is a 100% chance to happen? If they wanted to keep it in line, then wouldn’t Rune of Research be chance based?
The only argument you’d have here is the “stat type”. But then I would argue why aren’t less optimal stats a guarantee seal chance? In addition, some experimental affixes are build defining, so there’s that.

What exactly is the difference? You won’t play a class for 10 minutes and decide it’s not for you, you play for a few hours so you can unlock the skills and passives and then realize it’s not for you. Is there any difference between choosing a class, playing for 5h and deciding you’re not having fun vs choosing a class, play for 1h choose a mastery, play for 4h and decide you’re not having fun?
If mastery was a choice at character creation rather than 1h into the game, would you still feel the same way? Because to the devs, and to the players that don’t support mastery respec, the mastery IS the class.

Again, how is that any different from class? A new player looks at the classes and picks one they think might be fun but end up not liking it. They just “wasted” a few hours. There really is no objective difference between class and mastery in this regard.

I assume you meant complain about being albe to respec mastery. And yes, many players would complain about that because to them mastery is the identity of the build and they don’t want to loose that. Also because to many players, the point of an ARPG is to make new characters. There are many LE players that hate D3 style respec/loadout. If LE went that route and made changing builds on the fly, they would most likely leave because the game would become boring.

Because RoR seals only an experimental affix, which is a special affix that you can’t have shards for and it’s meant only for gear that have those affixes, which is a very small number of drops. Whereas the regular sealing works for any affix, many of which are also build defining. Experimental gear drops are less than 1% of total drops. So it balances out having 100% chance, even though, in practice, having a good piece of gear with a sealed experimental affix is even less likely than other sealed affixes.

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A lot of great suggestions here, thank you for taking the time to write them and share them with the community !