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Last Epoch | Cryomancer 2.0 Sorcerer Build (Mage) Patch 0.7.9 Best Beginner Build!

This build make use of Glacier and and channeled Lightning Blast easiest way to clear content and most beginner friendly build out!!
click here


hey! thanks for this build!
Do you think glacier is better than elemental nova?

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It can be yes. But both are really good!

ok thanks :wink:

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Hey, Rimed - did you forget to mention to pick up Supercharged Floes in the Lightning Blast tree? You mention in the intro that lighting is converted to cold damage, so I’m thinking that is the only way to do so.

Never mind - a friend told me about the passive. :slight_smile:

Rune of winter converts LB to cold damage. No need to pick supercharged floes


Foe is correct on this. don’t waste the points. they are better used elsewhere imo

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