Last Epoch and GoXLR

hi, i was wondering if anyone is playing this game with a goxlr, and how do u get it to send audio from system to the game slider/channel on the goxlr?

Cannot say I have encountered anyone mentioning GoXLR here before.

I would suggest you see if there are more general guides with Unity based games and GoXLR on the net and work from those to see if you can get it going.

On the issue with sound, LEs sound can be a little odd sometimes - there are instances of issues with virtual sound devices (like older versions of Voicemeeter) and sound can sometimes get messed if you have multiple sound devices and change them in Windows while the game is running - sometimes you have to reset windows sound “by physically unplugging and replugging” sound devices.

There have been numerous requests to have LE be able to select a sound device for output independant of windows settings but afaik there has been no further discussion on the topic.

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