Last Epoch Hotfix Notes

This is a quick hotfix to immediately address a small issue with Evade. We will have larger follow-up patches for other issues in the coming days.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that allowed people to override Evade with any skill via drag/drop from skill screen.

Can we please just fix lunge, its been bugged since Patch 0.7.
You still get animation locked when lunging to anything that is in a travel state


Happy with the game so far! Terrific job EHG team <3

no patch in steam in game it 's giving Error ‘outdated game version’

exit steam and rejoin im in now

done that 3 times. I let me in game but I can’t transition zones

done that 3 times. It let me in game but I can’t transition zones

I had to re-validate my game files for anyone struggling to log in

LE77 - update game to and shut down steam and restart game.

that’s the thing i am not seeing the option the update my game in downloads.

have you re-validated your game like @darchebag mentioned?

verifying files in Steam helped

Just did, work like a charm.

Ever since this update, melee feels incredibly weird. It was immediately noticeable upon relog. There seems to be some sort of “bubble” around all objects and NPCs in the game where they push your character model away from them. This makes your melee strikes miss because they are out of range. You can no longer walk into range of an enemy easily, and need to use a movement ability to get into range. This is game breaking.

and “Weapon master” nodes should be next and those are some important nodes that dont work