Last Epoch 1.0 launches Feb 21st, 2024!

I really hope with the release of the official game 1.0 it’s gonna be a fresh start for everyone with a full wipe of every previous character…

No, your current existing characters will all be moved to legacy. You can, however, join the cycle which will start at the same time. That will give you a fresh start.

Have they said how long a “cycle” lasts?

No, but 3ish months is a reasonable assumption.

I think they’re aiming for the usual 3-4 months other games use, like @Llama8 pointed out, but I think Mike said in one of his streams that the first cycles might not follow that rule yet, while they’re trying to implement the core stuff. Meaning 1.1 might take longer than that if it’s not ready in time, rather than releasing it half finished.

can’t wait!

Still hyping this game😍

Looking forward to the launch!

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