Last Epoch 0.8.2f | One Punch Abomination Necromancer

So, you heard Assemble Abomination was a meme?



Thats one sick abominiation!

Nice work!

How’d it fair with dread shade for the attack speed?

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The dread shade attack speed is a nice boost to total dps, probably not insanely necessary, but that in tandem with Infernal Shade helps because the Abom stop to attack and take mobs down before catching up to you, if you’re rushing mono objectives

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Hi, Do you have any item filter for it? and some leveling tips?

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Yeah, a pretty basic loot filter that can be edited is here <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><ItemFilter xmlns:i=" -

For leveling, I would recommend running spirit plague (get pestilence node)/wandering spirits and just find a high damage staff/get good resists/hp through campaign. You can swap to the build later. I will also be doing a speed necro guide soon that is excellent for leveling as a necro, so be on the lookout :slight_smile:


  1. Do u have any idea why the abomination can leech life against training dummy but not when killing mobs ?

  2. Also my abomination is shooting spikes when he gets hit . Where do those come from ? i dont have repugnant presence (respeced out of it)

  3. What do u think about death in the family node ? is wraith/putrid wraith / flame wraith/blood wraith considered just one minion type for the purpose of consuming 5 different types of minions ?

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  1. Abomination hits deal 10x more damage on the dummy, so the leech is more apparent. You just need more when dealing damage to normal mobs for it to help with uptime.

  2. Hmm, it may be a bug separate from that node or once you spec it, then the procs happen regardless if you unspec. I can look into this later.

  3. I believe they would count as separate minions only difference would be that you increase respawn time and management. I still think the % dmg per minion consumed is gonna be easiest to go for :slight_smile:

Leech is capped at the leech % of the max hp of the mob then spread over 3 seconds. The dummy has a phenomenally large HP so this is not an issue. In addition to the higher damage against the dummy that Zeckar said.

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Just made a new character and opted for your build!

I made a build planner for it, more for myself for easier specing and so forth but thought i’d share it here :slight_smile:

Don’t know if the shield is the best out of them all, let me know if anything is wrong and i can change it :slight_smile:


I have one posted on my video now :slight_smile:


Ahh nice :smiley:

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Hey Zeckar!

I haven’t been able to get the second Ribbons of Blood ring yet.
I just got this from a monolith, could this replace Ribbons of Blood or just be a temporary ring?

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A good exalted turquoise ring would be best, but yeah this ring would be a suitable substitute until you can acquire a 2nd RoB, you don’t necessarily need both, but the leech/damage is hard to beat for the abom.

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Alright thanks a lot! I’ll keep farming :smiley:

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