Large idol prefix "#% Increased damage with smite" doesn't give increased damage

Been playing around with idols and gear on my void knight and found out that if I use two setups:
no belt
52% increased damage with smite idol

belt with only 52% void damage
without the idol

the damage numbers are wayyy off, with the idol one being much higher (both setups add damage compared to without idol and belt)

so I think there’s something fishy either with the “increase” or the wording on the idol prefix :slight_smile:

The idol is treated as a more modifier rather than an increased modifier (it has ever been thus).

The thing is that 52% smite damage only bumps my dps up from 38k to 42k which makes me even more confused, because if that was more damage it would be something along the lines of 38k*1.52 when using the idol then, no?

I figured it out!
each point of 1% increased damage with smite on the idol seems to give 0.2% more damage with smite, no idea why, but with a bit of testing it seems to be the case.

I’ve found the issue; it’s applying the benefit twice. This has been fixed internally, thanks for the report!

Yes!!! i was just about to report this finding!
I came across this while writing a damage calculator script in python so I can calculate my next upgrades :slight_smile:

Will update if I find more funky stuff, thanks for the help <3

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