Large Crab ~15meter / how can it Dodge +50% hits?

There are so many weird things in this game that make no sense to me.

How can a huge large 10-15 meter Crab elegantly dodge like +50% of Attacks ?

Same for other huge Enemies…

Do the Developers behind this even think about the sense and logic about such decisions ?

A large Enemy should have >> Lots of HP , Resists , slow big damage
A small Enemy should have >> Lots of Dodge, quick attacks, low HP

How about adding “Elephants” with 90% Block, 90% Dodge and Super fast trunk attacks ?

Dear Developers please stop creating senseless enemies, stay real please.

Dont add senseless defense stats to enemies just to make them harder to kill…

A 15 meter Crab cant dodge anything…


it’s like those skeletal summoning things in act1. they are just standing there and they have increased dodge chance

Yes those always makes me howl with laughter. How can something that is rooted to the spot dodge!

This because the Developer that was creating these Enemies didnt care about anything real at all…

They just create enemies and add defense and stuff to them as they like to…

If a Dinosaur or Elephant has 95% dodge or a little Bird with infinite HP and mitigation blocks 90% doesnt seem to bother anyone anymore in the game industry,

If a 20 meter Crab has 90% dodge which would need like 60 meter space in diameter is something these game creators dont care about obviously.

I was the Chief Creator of such a game i would not allow such senseless mechanics.

This is a fantasy game. Nothing is real.

Don’t be salty about these things. Maybe there are bigger issues in the development of a video game than defensive mechanics that don’t fit the real life physics.

You can also complain about where the Sentinel gets all those hammers, that he’s throwing. There should not be an inventory because no char is even wearing a backpack.


Also, why i cant even put couple of rings on every finger of my hands and foots? I would even make some pircing with magic rings.

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So you compare a ring with a crab ? honestly ? :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :flushed:

Jerle, you onviously spent $1.000 for this computer game, which would give many poor people alot food or quality of life, but thats another thing, and now you just reply to every negative Feedback or criticism with.

“This is a fantasy game. Nothing is real.”

honestly ?

I think this is the only thread I wrote this comment. If you don’t mind, kindly point me to all the other threads where I defend the game with this same reply :slight_smile:

Especially the cake.

Rare mobs pull random abilities. If you really wanted to rationalize it, maybe the hit box for the meaty bits is very tiny on that Giant Crab and your character just sucks at hitting that.

Wolcen hat bats that accidentally were hard to hit. Very realistic. But people did not like it.

Also I forgot to mention:
If You go to you can read about the lore of the crabs. This is a special species that can create illusions. In reality these crabs are very tiny. But they create the illusion of being giant crabs to fool the player. That’s the reason they are hard to hit. In 50% of the attacks your just hitting thin air. You can only damage them if you hit their real body that is cloaked.

But they do very well in casinos & prefer to live in toilets?


Yeah… you got me. Seems I spend too much time with the gambler… I’ll edit my post to make a tiny bit more sense.

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