When is Lagon being fixed so lunge cna be used against him? Not being able to use lunge is game breaking amking him alot harder to kill

That my friend is the million dollar question.

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Not sure I’d count that as “game breaking”. But Lagon has always had issues with Lunge.

If it takes a million dollars to fix, the answer is probably never :smiley:

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At this point it has potential to become a meme. I’d rather see the fight changed completely at this point.

As a long time player I already just accepted that this fight is a buggy mess for many characters.

But it doesnt make the best impression for the game with all the tenthousands of new players joining the ranks, realising that all these bugs are already a thing for years now without any real fixes.

Devs have instantly adjusted emperor of corpses temporarily because the arena is smaller than before. I dont think this was even necessary.

Lagon can be a horrible experience for (new) players and should be takled asap. Imho you cant have that stuff on low priority for so long.


As I said above, that change was probably relatively trivial/easy given it got changed in 0.9.

Yeah, for sure. But they also didn’t fix the problem. They tuned down damage to not make it too frustrating to deal with the boss in the tight area.

They could’ve done the same with Lagon until they have propper fixes. They could nerf his damage or hp to make it less frustrating that half or your skills or miniins just don’t do anything.

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Can any class facetank either the beam or the cold puddle on the ground - or does it to do too much damage?

What is the best class for taking lagon down fast?

You can tank it pretty easily with Rebuke if you spec it right.

I absolutely shredded Lagon with my Disintegrator.
That being said, I blame Orobyss.

Lunge is not a primary damage skill. It’s certainly not game breaking in anyway to not have access to lunge in this fight.

I find it so hard to target him with skills/spells, ANYTHING, EVERYTHING… Heck even my locusts ignore him and do absolutely nothing. And my stupid Spriggan is stuck on the stairs with the giant vines blocking the entry to the “destroy-lagon-tentacles-while-being-splashed-by-tidal-waves” area, looking at some enemy that might have spawned behind the vines. Atrocious hitbox, atrocious platform, atrocious everything in this fight.

Yes, this is definitely a bad impression to the game from new players. Hopefully this doesn’t stop them from playing.

Off topic: I don’t think his voice fits him either. And sounds like there’s too much garble and kinda sounds too muffled whenever he speaks.

Yeah…At this boss I have decided to put LE down. I’m going to play some other games for awhile. Lagon was kinda the final straw. I noted some of the issues I had with the Lagon fight in another post.

I agree, to some extent, that this encounter will drive new players away. I see the potential in LE, but the Lagon fight broke my love affair quite quickly. I could probably eventually clear Lagon, but why? I don’t want to spend the time to clear back to the map…especially after the encounter left me stuck and having to relog into the game which reset all progress.

Perhaps its designed this way to be a progress wall, but there must be some development confusion about difficulty vs fun. It just feels like a buggy mess what takes way too much time to get to, and then get through.

It really baffles me why EHG are not doing anything about this boss. Other bosses got nerfed or got a bandaid fix according to some post I’ve seen, but not this one.

I know other major bugs has more priority but this is seriously hurting the game in a way too, especially for certain builds with certain playstyles and for new players. It’s atrocious in every possible way. I’d rather die to 1shot from some meteor of birds on steroids off-screen without AoE marker on the ground then spit on my corpse and laugh at my stupid ass than die to Lagon because my skills and minions ain’t working properly. Even I’ve been playing this game for a while now (530 steam hours over the course of years), whenever I make a new character, this is always the part I hate the most. And be like “here we go again”. Lagon. This ain’t even a bug, just straight up clunky fight. Somehow I just kind of always manage to get through this obstacle.

Though hopefully you would give the game a try more. I know it’s frustrating on this part which every cell in my body could agree with you. But I think it just gets better from there and onward.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What builds are the best for this guy - for instance does the squirrel build work?

They are. The problem, as they’ve relayed it, is that each and every skill that has a problem with him has to be fixed individually, so it is very time consuming.

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I think all they have to do is increase Lagon’s hitbox that extends up to his head or move it closer to his head. And maybe do some magic in the background that kills all leftover spawns from the tidal-waves area Because my minions keeps prioritizing those unless I move them first and even before I press “A” on Lagon himself.

That wouldn’t fix any of the proc-related problems. Plus his hitbox used to cover/extend across the entire back of the ledge so it didn’t matter whete you stood or aimed, you’d hit him, but something appears to have changed in 0.9.

I think if that was all they had to do they would have done that already.