Lagon has so many bugs, its beam needs nerf

After I encountered two teleports today, the boss immediately attacked me with a beam of light.Then I was killed in seconds without any suspense…More often than not, after I transmit, the waves continue to generate, and sometimes I am blocked by the waves do not see the beam was killed seconds.And d Lunge and STaic zAP are not available to him.

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Yes, this is a known thing. It’s not the beam that’s the issue, it’s that Lagon doesn’t pause in his rotation while you’re downstairs.

I’m just rolling last and running mono, bypassed this ridiculous fight

Lagon: We will meet again boyo…


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Want to add a couple of things:

  • The podium has many invisible obascatles near the edges and you can get stuck there easily.
  • The character often continues to attack the boss when you are trying to move away. It’s probably caused by some weird interactions when you bind your attack to LMB together with an add boss hitbox.

Both of these things get you killed instantly which is very upsetting in Monolith (also why does a char with 80% ele res and 100% glancing gets oneshoted by 2 of 3 boss attacks?) Yesterday i spent hours getting to this boss just two times and didn’t even get a chance to develop any strategy because of bugs. Also my critical Lunge buff can’t be applied during the fight.

I’m cruising through other content so far, with decent but mostly fair challenges, but i’m not coming back to this fight. It looks like a piece of pre-pre-alpha draft and some serious work, or just complete overhaul, must be applied to it ASAP.

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