Lagon fight

Doing a little report after my 4th attempt in Lagon fight. I’m using a minion build + dread shade.
And I have noticed a few things during those attempts.

First dread shade seems to not be castable on Lagon. Or its area is contained within the visual of Lagon and doesn’t reach the platform, either of those cause I didn’t see any of my melee minions being impacted by it. And that’s a huge problem because dread shade is a big boost of dps for me.

Second it seems that the “a”’ command simply doesn’t work on the platform. Even if I spam it to make the minions dodge its rays they just don’t move. Therefore I can’t do anything but see them getting blasted by lagon and having to summon the whole squad again.

It seems that Lagon’s hitbox fills most if not all of the platform in front of him so your minions got told to attack him instead of getting a move command

Possible. But if that was the case, dread shade would work as its area would overlay with Lagon hitbox and therefore encompass the platform.

EDIT : QUick update after downing it (finally !). Dread shade def not works on it. But the “a”’ command seems to work sometimes but not consistantly so I don’t know what causes this inconsistency.

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