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Lagon Fight lock out of the fight arae

Hello, yesterday I Tried for the first time the Lagon’s fight after competing the maze when I arrived on the boss fight’s map, I walked to the platform to fight him and I didn’t see him going out of the water so I walk out and get trapped out of the combat arena (out of his tentacles). I found no way to get back in and the only way I could use is to deconnect and reconnect to tp to “The Temple of Lagon”'s portal. I will fight him again there is no problem in this but I think it can be fix :wink:
A new player very happy with this game

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

This is a known problem with old Lagon - the devs are aware of it (and a few other bugs that this particular battle suffers from)… Its been a while now so I am not sure when the devs will get around to fixing all his issues…

Thanks for the post.

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I haven’t read any post on this particuliar problem, thank you for your response.

Usually happens when people use a movement skill like Shift / Teleport on the stairs but sometimes it just happens if you are just in the wrong spot around the tentacle barrier…

We’re tracking this issue internally, thanks for the report.