When will the ladder come?
Diablo, POE have seasons, LE has a ladder every patch - why don’t you let the excitement of ranking? We like playing LE, but we also like racing :slight_smile:
When will you unlock this feature?
Will the new ladder be counted again with the appearance or will it be from the beginning of patch 0.9? (March 9)

It was mentioned that ladder comes with 0.9.1 release however no eta for that estimate is around june/July

ok very tnx

Arena Ladder will come with 0.9.1, but this wont really be anything to do with racing, view it as equivalent to delve ladder. If you’re interested in actual races, then find your way to visiongl’s discord, that’s where the community races are done. We had a pinnacle boss race for 0.9 that was super fun ^^