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Ladder check - Help for build please

I’ve checked the ladder this morning and found two paladins way ahead of the rest of the pack. They seem to use more or less the same build:

  • Determination with Lunge / Volatile reversal / Sigils of hope / Holy Aura / Warparth
  • Joan with Volatile reversal / Sigils of hope / Lunge / Holy Aura / Shield throw
    Any clue on what’s behind ?
    I’m new to Sentinel class and willing to start one.

Thanks for your help and have a good day

well id say it looks similar to my FG … lunge as movement skill + help buff attacks. volatile reversal for increase damage and to help sustain mana from using sigils and hp depending on the build. sigil of hope can add pretty good damage to fire or global as well as armor and or hp regen … i mean its all kind of good only downside is the mana cost and duration. holy aura im not too familiar with but you can get ward on block and hp regen and increases attack speed and damage as well… so theres that… then warpath or shield throw as a main damage source … prolly both using fire but thats only my guess

the thing id tell you is start by thinking what main skill you want to use and use pretty much those same skills … i dont have holy aura since im forge guard but if you find urself dying a lot try using vengeance with increased attack speed node and the node for increased damage reduce … should help you stay up…

other than that sentinel is pretty tanky all around and has pretty good options. if you need any advices or help feel free to msg me in game ^^

Shield throw has a good note that increases armor means less damage taken :stuck_out_tongue:
really fun to play, heres the guide if you need :slight_smile:

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