Lack of Physical Resistance shards

I’m lvl 50 mage and only have 38%Physical resistance. I just can’t find any Physical resist shards??
Do I have to buy gear with Phys resist to break down and hope I get the Phys resist shard or is there somewhere I can farm?

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the main source of specific affix shards is definitely shattering Items with thsoe affixes on them.

You will also loot those shards directly from time to time, but the shattering Items just gives way more shards, since you can target them really easily with a proper set up Loot Filter.

I suggest you set up a loot filter with a recolour rule for all the affix shards you need in a very distinct colour, that you will put above any other hide rule, since the base type of the item you are shattering doesn’t matter.

The Higher the Affix Tier on that Item the more chances you ahve to get more shards.
On a T5 Physical resistance Item you can get up to 5 shards (1 shard per tier).

This is not guaranteed, but the Tier of a given Affix, is the maximum amount of shards you can get from that affix shard.

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Thanks for the reply. Will look at getting a loot filter and doing what you suggest. :grinning:

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In case you don’t want to dabble with the loot filter your self too much.

I do have basic loot filters for all classes here:

I also have a rule for shattering in there, you could easily adjust that to only show specific affixes, instead of all high tier affixes.

Awesome thanks.

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