Lack of difficulty is still an issue

No reason to pick up items, no reason to spend skill points, no reason to care about anything going on. Just hold LMB and occasionally RMB to 1 shot packs.
Monoliths are still zero difficulty for far too long and basically just bad versions of rifts from D3.
There’s nothing past monoliths, and they get repetitive after a day.

If the campaign had some semblance of difficulty and was actually fun to play through (Like D2) then no end game wouldn’t be that bad, because you’d have to spend a good 30-40 hours leveling/grinding/farming to get through some hard fights of the campaign or to make things more efficient/easier by farming(like farming runes from countess, etc).

However, there’s essentially no game play through a campaign then a repetitive end game that gets boring extremely fast.
There’s really nothing to do, and it’s because there’s no difficulty.

You spent 5 years to make a game that provides 1 day of gameplay.

Good thread on this:

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If you want more difficulty there’s always this.

I used them, I still kill things in 2s.

Ngl. I hope when they finish the campaign that difficulty gets a massive pass over. They said they raised difficulty across the board and the campaign still feels like it could be between with the first gear you drop

Basically everything except the last boss which is the only real dps check in the game

Please, I really think that multiplayer should have a LOT more difficulty. I convinced my friends to join me and with even 2 people in the group, we just walk through the maps. There is no incentive to even look at skills in any depth. The health scaling should be made a LOT more and damage done to players at least 1.5x. My friends are leaving and going back to D4 because they don’t want to die of boredom through the campaign and even non corruption dungeons.

How about even a difficulty choice for maps with a minor bonus on drop rate, that would be helpful.

i have to agree the whole campaign was far too easy, it would be the difficulty if you are a beginner or novice at arpgs. didnt even see all the mechanics of most bosses as they just die to quick.

I’ll leave my agreement or disagreement on 1.1, which is said to be an end-game overhaul.

I think the campaign is in a good spot, not hard at all… definitely doable without major issues by a looter ARPG beginner, which I think… is nice!
Everything until Lagon is fairly easily and then you get smacked into the ground if you don’t have at least a ‘decent’ built.
End-game though? We already have a way to push our builds, corruption. Not only is it needed to get the highest-end gear in the first place but also provides a way to get endless rarity for items… depending how far you can push it! Which is an inventive in itself to have the best gear possible to see how far you can push your character. Same with Arena stages… how far can you go?

Very repetitive for now and without any longer-term incentive other then ‘number go up’, but a start. For a 1.0 absolutely sufficing and amazing.

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