Knowledge of an erased mage

Really love these weaver’s uniques. However, there is one, which has a little flaw, in my opinion. Pretty much nobody, especially during leveling, would want to lose mana due do this modifier “#% of damage dealt to mana before health”. I really hope this affix can be changed for something else. Yes, i understand, that some builds may rely on this affix, but weren’t these items designed more as leveling uniques?

Do you understand how damage to mana works?

at a value like that, its never going to hurt your mana sustain while leveing.

lets say for whatever reason you are level 30 and took a staggering 1000 damage

you would take 930 to your health, and 70 to mana. Damage to mana is dealt to mana at a 5:1 ratio, so that 70 becomes 12. You lose a measily 12 mana in exchange for taking 7% less health damage.

Yeah if you had a bunch of damage to mana, you run the risk of eating big mana losses, but in the above situation even with 50% damage to mana, you take 500 damage to mana, which becomes 100 damage, a fresh level 20 sorc can take this and still have some extra mana left over.

with a single regen piece, at 10%~ damage to mana you wont ever run the risk of being unable to cast.


Thank you for explaining, i’m forgetting sometimes it’s not MoM from path of exile :smiley:

No worries, it also wont trigger if you have ward, as Damage to mana protects life only, so if you are generating some ward, you have even less worries about it eating up a bunch of mana.

its overall a good affix that adds charm to the item :wink:

Yeah, i would actually love to play some insane damage to mana build, but fractured crown isn’t easy to get (especially with rolls) and afaik endurance doesn’t work with it anymore, so it’s even more squishy now.

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