Killing doesn't feel satisfying like other ARPG - needs more audio & visual feedback for deaths

The abilities seem fine, but for some reason, killing feels not rewarding at all like it does in other games.

It feels like we need some visual and/or audio indicators for death to make it seem fun on each kill.

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It’s a big improvement in 0.9 comapred to before, but after playing some other arpgs recently, and then playing more last epoch, I do have to say it’s definitely still missing something that the others have going for them in this regard.

Personally I think a lot of it comes down tot he weight of what’s happening still, abilities feel good to press, but then when they do something to the enemies it still feels like all that power just kinda went ‘blip’ and disappeared. It mgiht have to do with how like, if i use erasing strike and get this huge big bonk hitting everything, they just, well, erase out of existence, and that feels super unsatisfying. There’s no response to my huge attack.

Similiar for other skills as well, void cleave just feels like im cutting through utter, which is cool, but theres no response to the cleave. Rive on the otherhand feels really good atm.

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