Killed while useing waypoint

Hi @all! Sorry, if this has been posted eralier on, but i didn’t find an appropriate post for this, so here we go:

Having issues in 0.9g with being killed by mosnters an waypoints, specifically when trying to use the wp to portal out of the action.

Happend three times now (imperial era, fallen tower, for example), with all the same pattern: followed by mobs, i reach for the wapoint to portal back to another location, and upon choosing the direction (which, with the new an fairly stuffed maps (don’z get me wrong - the way EHG is going is perfect in this case!) isn’t that quick), i am killed upon having selected th new waypoint.

Arriving there, i get the “you have been defeated message” resulting in an endless loop only breakable by quitting back to main menu.

So, to prevent this and to make things a little less stressful: i’d suggest auto-pausing the game the instance, a player selects a waypoint - this would make using portals way lessa annoying.

Just to be clear - You’re getting killed by mobs that are at your destination, or at your point of origin?

Thanks for asking - the Mobs killing me are the ones taht followed me to the waypoint i want to use - so that’s “at my destination”.

I feel like you’re saying very different things in your post vs this response.

Let’s make it really simple: You are in Area A. You are running to a waypoint in Area A, and you want to use it to go to Area B.

Which are you describing:

  • You are attacked by monsters from Area A, while still in Area A, while you are clicking Travel to go to Area B, but die as you are changing zones, and arrive in Area B dead
  • You reach the waypoint in Area A, click Travel to go to Area B, and when Area B has finished loading you are dead and surrounded by monsters from Area B

To be fair, they are both issues. The first is an issue with how long it takes to start loading into the new zone (or even just exiting the old zone, especially since your minions will dissappear immediately).

The latter shouldn’t happen at all. No game logic should be processed until the player has loaded into the zone unless you’re in a party and your friend has loaded in and pulled the entire zone back you you as a welcome party.


Totally. It is a single player game after all. What’s the point of a waypoint, if you are killed on spawn. Especially for a fresh area.

I might understand if you ran away from mobs and WP’d away. Then WP back. The mobs are still there. Same with town portal in other games.

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Happened to me actually. Can’t remember the map but the WP loading took a really long time and I spawned with the WP surrounded by a mob and half HP left. Good thing I lost connection to server at the point so my deathless run continued.

I think it would be enough to add something like a “grace period”, a “shield” that protects you in the loading/traveling from point A to point B, whether it’s a campaign waypoint or a return portal from an Echo just finished.

I don’t know if it will help at all, but you don’t have to use the WP. You can hit M to bring up the map and port that way or you can just use the town portal and go from there.

About mobs attacking you in the new zone before you load in, I have had this happen several times as well even though there is supposed to be an immune period on loading into a new zone.

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The problem is that on the loading screen (with WP or using Map) your character is actually already active, stationary at point A before going to point B.
There is no immediate movement.

Then in the Loading Screen (I’m not kidding) you can get killed by mobs.
Try this, go to a new area and while you are in the Loading Screen (you must be fast) try pressing inventory key or the Esc key.
You will hear the menu sounds.

It happened to me, I was attacked while I was in the Loading Screen, I could hear my character screaming.
So if you are in the Loading Screen while you get attacked by poison monsters from point A you can get to point B dead from the poison.

Yeah I’m just trying to help figure out which of them is actually being reported because I could read it either way.

There’s already a grace period.

And the devs already know that this grace period needs some work. Reports of ppl dying because of loading screens being too long, etc. have caused deaths of many a fearless character.

Yes, both issues are correct.

If there was then how is it possible that during my loading screen I heard my character screaming because he was hitting by mobs and after loading screen my character had half life?
And I’m talking about…hmm…10 seconds?
So if this Grace Period exists…then it’s not working as intended.
Or there are other bugs that unfortunally we still don’t know how to define, I don’t know :confused:

Because it doesn’t work properly.

Oh ok, Imo is better that grace period exists but it works badly (and then it can be fixed) rather than it doesn’t exist or that there are other issues.

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