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Killed the dummy

Don’t recommend it, it’s very tedious :stuck_out_tongue:

He has 2,147,483,647 hp. When you kill him he no longer has a health bar show up, and DoTs no longer inflict damage to him, but still apply. Took me about 12-14 minutes with poison flurry rogue.

Where do you get that HP number from? ^^

Look at " In computing/In video games" here:

Maybe it’s 4,294,967,295?

Sou you can’t tell the max HP for sure okay :). If we kewn the max hp of the dummy we could do some dps tests for real even if each test takes 15+ mins that’s why I asked.

I eyeballed it around 2 bil since my DOT ticks were consistent and 99.9% of my dps, then I naturally assumed from there. It definitely is not 4 bil.

Within software development that makes sense, as that number is max(longint).
But if the dummy does not respawn between sessions or instances, you have one try only at this kind of dps calc per character. :smiley: It might even have a unique ID internally.
Good test, however …even if it opens a short-term can of worms.

Went back to check and the dummy is still there, don’t worry :slight_smile:

health: 1,000,000,000
health regen: 110,000

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I’m confirmed for bad at math, then!

You must have been tripping the light fantastic to DPS the dummy to overcome those health/regen figures!

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Poison flurry is a hell of a drug.