Kill Void Horror Prophecy NOT working

Anyone else? I am farming for them in the Black Sun Mono and I swear I’ve killed at least 20 of them in the last hour in various echoes yet it shows no progress just a number 6 next to the event. No corruption requirement but i’m at 174 cor.

You have to kill void horrors that happen naturally in the world, not the ones that spawn from beacons.

Condition says Monolith though, so why would I have to go ouit in the open world?

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You misunderstood me. The void horrors that spawn from the beacons are scripted and don’t count for the prophecy. You need to kill void horrors that spawn normally in echoes ourside of this event.

I never said I was killing them in beacons just the typical echoes in the monolith black sun.

Ok. It’s just that there have been people before that had your issue but it was due to beacon ones not counting.

No worries, I was focusing on the Underground Palace echoes and there were a lot in this echo but still idk whats going on , the echo has a strange number 6 next to the event but it never counts down or even show a progress like other prophecies do. Should I post a bug report ?

I’m pretty sure prophecies proc from beacon mobs as well.

that’s weird I just recently completed a bunch of those in the Black sun mono. Will try to get some more for testing.

It might have changed/been fixed since then. But I know there were a few other threads about it a few weeks ago and people were saying that they don’t trigger from beacons.
Personally, no idea as I haven’t tried CoF yet.

Thanks I just closed game and about to restart, its another issue im having but not related to this topic.

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You can run last ruin as well, there is some in the first optional quest area in that zone.

Thanks, I just found a couple more echoes and black sun that I thought would work , floor was full of void monsters but still my progress has not changed. I will check out last ruin next thanks.

Ok Prophecy completed in last ruin, sad thing is I needed it to work in black sun because my crest of unity doesn’t drop any where else :joy:

That’s incorrect. It can drop anywhere, and you can get it from a Rune of Ascendence, too.

The Black Sun thing on Maxroll is because that timeline includes echoes specifically for unique/set helmets.

Kinda necroing this but I just tested a void horror prophecy with beacons and they definitely don’t count. I needed 6 and I killed over 8 and didn’t advance the prophecy.
Which makes sense, otherwise you’d just go in and out of echoes until you got a beacon objective and do this easily.

You don’t need to go in and ouf of echoes, Beacons are no random objective, they always are the objective on Beacon Echoes on the Echo Web.

Fun Fact: Beacon Mobs used to gave exp and would contiously spawn when standing outside the circle and not progressing the Beacon Charge. This was changed super quickly because that was basically infinitely farming exp :smiley:


Yeah, I’d forgotten that beacons are only on reveal echoes. They’re still common enough that you could cheese the prophecy that way.
I’d imagine that the mobs spawned by gate objectives don’t count either, especially the watcher ones.

Yeah, trust the players to figure out ways to exploit mechanics to cheese the game. That would be pretty good for HH builds, or any build that can be sure of not dying and losing DPS, really. Just place the skill on autocast, go to sleep and in the morning see how many levels you gained :laughing: