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KickStarter update: Breaking into a sprint for the finishing line

Greetings, Travelers!

We’d like to thank you for all of your support thus far, and offer an update on our plans for Last Epoch and the future. TL;DR? Last Epoch is going to happen. We are committed to that.

We still aim to reach our KickStarter goal of $210,000 USD. We recognise we still have some of that distance left to close, however we are strongly engaged with our community and are aware of several people planning on donating or pledging for our highest tiers. Speaking of which - thank you n3w8y and Onuris for becoming Eterra Supporters earlier today!

We firmly believe that, between these super generous backers - and the usual uptick seen in the final days of a KickStarter - we can cross the finishing line at the eleventh hour.

Is there a way to link a current account to a pledge? I supported on Kickstarter and have a confirmation number email, but I’m not sure what to do with it :confused:

Hi there Kald,

KickStarter allows us to contact backers, but only after the campaign has concluded. Once we’re able to, we’ll be in touch to arrange alpha access (and the other perks!).

5 minutes left!!!