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KickStarter update #12: Let's talk about backer rewards

Hi Travelers!

We’ve posted an update on KickStarter to discuss backer rewards.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Yay for update!


Need the Necro!!!

And my title…


i know im late to the show, and probably in the wrong place. Was there a title and reward change I missed somewhere from the kick starter rewards?

Also late to the show, I don’t use online forums or social media often. I don’t socialize with random people much, I just want to play the game I supported, and now see if on Steam. As a Seeker, I should have a Steam key, a pet, some sort of cosmetic points, and a soundtrack. I was a bit surprised to see the game on Steam, but I was in hospital for 3 months, and may have n missed the email or announcement.

I have 5,000+ emails to try to go through from while I was in hospital and not connected to the Internet in any way. How do i find out if I missed getting my key for the game, or do I have to wait for the game to exit Early Access?

I just want to play the game.

There is a post somewhere about how to link your account to steam and receive a key, and plenty of posts linking to it if you search the forums. If you’re supposed to have beta access, it should work to give you the key.