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KickStarter supporter pack contents

This is what I got from the kickstarter when it all began. I don’t expect to get anything till the release right?


Elder Supporter (EARLY BIRD)

Alpha Test Access (Estimated August 2018)|

|•|Elder Forum Title|
|•|Digital Copy of Last Epoch at Release|
|•|500 Cosmetic Points ($50 Value)|
|•|Exclusive Kickstarter Backer In-Game Pet Gilded Chronowyrm|
|•|Last Epoch Soundtrack by Rob Benson|
|•|Exclusive In-Game Character Portrait Tier 1|
|•|Beta Test Access|
|•|Alpha Test Access|||
|Estimated delivery

Apr 2020|

Pets (ie your chronowyrm) have been implemented. But there’s some bugs with them at the moment.

I imagine that things like the cosmetic store (and points) would be implemented in time.

Hi AlphaJ,

There’s a few relevant support articles which you can find here;

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