Kicked for Inactivity while browsing stash

Title says what happened.

I got kicked for being inactive while I was browsing my stash.
I never received any “You have been idle for n minutes and will be kicked after n minutes” warning or any type of warning at all.

I have rather too many stash tabs and was searching for new accessories for my recently Monolithing Primalist Druid.
Guess I’ll have to remember to move around a little while stash hunting from now on.


I have had this happen multiple times as well. Trying to organize and find things in my stash.

Additionally, I have even been in a echoes twice now and I see the warning while I am moving around killing and casting that I will be kicked due to inactivity. Yup, you guessed it, get kicked in the echo before I can finish.

Idle timers are fine, but this is WAY too short. 5mins, ridiculous. 10 min, not much better. 30min, acceptable. AND have it reset the timer when a person actually does something. Mouse click, skill use, whatever. Your current formula for if a player is active is severely flawed. Remove it all together until you can get a handle on what you are doing with an idle timer.

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same this needs to be changed dear devs

yeah, this seems to have gone from “you’ll basically never be kicked” to “you’re kicked if you get up to get a drink”