Keys of Memory = Better dungs


I love dungeon bosses, but rushing to them feels like going to work that you hates. I came up to an idea how to solve this problem. We just need to get Keys of Memory for every dungeon, that would allow us to skip straight to the boss. Or at least give us option to do tier 4 dungs wihout completing 1,2,3 tiers. Any opinions?

Cheers Travellers.

I would love some way that allows us to more quickly progress through the dungeon and get to the boss.
As for skipping earlier tiers of the dungeon, I don’t think this is an issue if you are able to quickly get to the boss.

Alternatively, if getting to the boss does not become faster, it would be nice if dungeon-tier progress were saved account-wide (with the usual restrictions of Legacy/Cycle/Hardcore, etc.)

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