Hey guys and gals, I was just curious if they have made or intend to make any changes to the movement bindings. Say something like every other arpg I have ever played? Lol. I want to like this game but can’t get past this for some reason. Definitely a me problem but would like the option. Thanks

Do you have any suggestions or concrete examples? Ievery other aRPG I’ve played has used the mouse to move, so…

What don’t you like about the keybindings/movement? What is an example of one you preferred?

I am also not sure what exactly you expect from the game?

You can already change most keybindings:
Esc → Settings → Gameplay → Change Input Keys

I am so used to moving with the left mouse button rather than the right one. its very jarring lol

Which is what LE does…

Also being able to open chest etc while still having it as a movement key

If you click on the LMB button, you can change it to either move only, move & break barrels/etc or move & attack (which then requires you to choose one of your other skills to use).

i apologize, i am explaining this poorly, its not like POE or Diablo, which is what i am used to

Have you tried left-clicking on the LMB icon (as shown above)?

no let me try, i just redownloaded the game after trying it about a month ago and could not get passed the awkward feel of the layout. I will mess around with it and see if i can map it out like Diablo, grim dawn, poe, wolcen etc. Thanks for the tip, i really want to like this game lol

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ok that helps a bit lol. but then how do i pick up loot if i have it set to attack?

You click on the loot.

right but with it set to move and attack it no longer picks things up

It does (for me) if there are no valid targets around.

hmmmm…maybe a bug…thanks for the help though

First, welcome to the community!
You’re right, the movement binding is a bit different than in other games. At first I was a bit confused, but now I strongly prefer the LE way!

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