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Kersplah's running list of feedback and suggestions

I wont put in what I think is good about the game. If people are silent, they are probably happy :slight_smile: Overall, I like the game a lot and see very real potential. I care enough that I wanted to join the Alpha and provide feedback. I will update this thread and bump as I find things that I believe could use change/tuning.

- Specialization re-speccing. I hit level 30 and realized I had a couple points that I wanted to move. I figured if I despecialized, the exp loss stated in the description would be toward the next point. Not ALL my exp completely resetting my points to zero thus making me regrind all of that exp and leaving me very gimped in the arena. I suggest making specialization respecs lose only current point XP. We should be encouraged to try new build routes, not feel married to a tree we arent happy with because starting over is too painful.

-General Speccing - as soon as you click a passive/specialization point, it is done. You took that point. Misclicks happen. I suggest that we receive an “accept” button to permanently allocate points

-Equipping with right click. I had an unfortunate incident where I accidentally shattered an item I was crafting because I right clicked the item I wanted to shatter, thus equipping it, and then dragged my previously equipped item to the crafting interface. I suggest making equipping either drag and drop only, or at least a ctrl+right click

-Damage calculation. Maybe it exists in game already and I just havent found it, but I would like to be able to tell my practical DPS, and even better my contextual DPS. I.e., I am playing warpath with time rot, and the node beneath time rot that gives more damage if enemy is affected by time rot. So i.e., I would like to see my base DPS, DPS of time rot, and DPS against enemies affected by time rot. In my fantasy “I wish” my mind, I see a DPS screen where you drag/select a skill, your character data is read and you can see all the different aspects of damage you can produce: Front loaded on hit phys/void damage, bleed, poison, time rot, enemies affected by time rot etc. No game has ever had an in depth analysis like this in game. Path of exile relies on path of building etc. I think that an in game analytical tool would really set you apart and be lauded by community and critics.

Skill Specialization cap (20 pts) - I hit level 40 doing arena and then level 42 and no skill points. I assume there is a cap at 20? Will this be increased with content? If level cap is 100, and end game starts at say 65 or 70, it will #FeelsBadMan for skill specializations to stop at level 40. I want to take my primary skill further. Suggestion: Primary skill (the one in the first square) can go to 35 points. The rest cap at 20. Or hopefully there is simply an increase in points once more content comes out

More to come! I love this game and really hopeful for its outcome.


Thank you very much for the feedback!

  • The current despecialization system is not planned to be permanent. We’ll be iterating on both partial and total respecialization options during the beta stage of development.

  • We’ve recently discussed confirmation prompts for specializing at a meeting due to your feedback. We’ll have them appear by default, with Ctrl-clicking bypassing the check.

  • Sorry to hear about that! I’m going to talk to the team about maybe emptying the other slots after a piece of equipment is placed in the crafting window. This should both prevent people immediately crafting after an item is (perhaps accidentally) placed in the equipment slot, as well as providing a cue to check why the slots are empty.

  • We’d like much more informative tooltips, however getting them functioning - and reliably imparting accurate information - is a large undertaking so it’s not something we’ll be working on until closer to release.

  • There are no plans to adjust the level 20 cap on skills. The fundamental concept of skill specialization trees is to give the player choices and have different characters with the same skills play differently. The speed at which they level up is non-final.

Please do post new feedback in new posts where possible. It’s very easy to see when a thread has a new post in it, however post edits have inferior discoverability - in part due to them often just being made to correct a typo. Our forum also remembers how far into a thread you’ve read and jumps to the first unread post, so in general we won’t see things edited in later.

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Thanks so much for the responses. I appreciate the perspective on the 20 point cap. It was my assumption. I guess I feel that it is still a bit limited. Right now, taking warpath for instance, as that is what I have focused on, I could essentially fully specialize in one DPS path with minor utility. I.e., I went into the extra dam against enemies afflicted with time rot for DPS and a smidge of mana efficiency in the utility. Was hoping to be able to get either extra AOE or extra pull.

I was hoping that the specializations would allow essentially two major choices that affect play-style, and one or two minor along the way that affect QOL passively.

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