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Just fresh out of the campaign, here is a Lich named Disappear. Of course it’s not her real name, but it’s what enemies do when she’s around. She’s focused on necrotic damage over time.
Wandering Spirits generate ward for her and shred her enemies’ necrotic resistance while she spreads Damned with Spirit Plague and Life Drain. In case she is hit, she can retaliate with Hungering Souls.
The last skill is Death Seal, but it has not been used yet. It has been Summon Bone Golem for very long, then I switched to Reaper Form. But it did not feel good, I could not sustain it long enough to feel comfortable. Aura of Decay was not good because I want her to attack ranged. So finally, I’m leveling Death Seal but I haven’t used it yet.
The whole campaign was easy, very easy. The fight against Majasa was a bit strange: in her second phase, she started her first healing, then jumped directly to the second one, then fell and died. Weird.
A very promising hero, still.